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Mitchell Blair is a [calculate_years datestring=”10/05/1979″] years old beautiful woman living on the east side of Detroit with her four children after her husband mysteriously disappeared, leaving her to care for the four children alone.

As of 2015, while Mitchell was just 35, Mitchell found herself unemployed and dependent on her family for financial support. Reluctantly taking up a job, she relied on her relatives to assist with her bills, rent, and her children’s financial needs.

However, her family eventually advised her to seek employment and return to school, urging her to become self-sufficient.

Caught in a cycle of financial strain, Mitchell disregarded their well-intentioned counsel, as she was already burdened with overdue rent for her current apartment. Unfortunately, on the morning of March 24, 2015, she was served an eviction notice. However, Mitchell was not present at the time, and the crew from the 36th District Court proceeded to enter her home and remove her furniture.

They took out some furniture, to their shock and astonishment, while removing a deep freezer from her living room, they discovered the body of a teenage girl tightly wrapped in a large plastic bag. Their distress deepened when they uncovered another body beneath the first girl’s remains in the same freezer. The authorities were promptly notified.

A concerned neighbor, who knew Mitchell‘s whereabouts, immediately disclosed the information to the police. Mitchell was apprehended at a neighbor’s apartment, where she had sought refuge with her two remaining children, aged 8 and 17.

After a thorough round of questioning, Mitchell Blair was arrested and taken into custody on charges of murder. As she was being led away, she uttered the haunting words, “I’m sorry,” expressing a mix of remorse and anguish.

Following her arrest, the bodies of the deceased children were carefully transported to the morgue. There, they underwent a thawing process over several days to facilitate proper autopsy examinations. This crucial step was necessary to uncover the truth surrounding the unfolding tragic events.

After a meticulous examination, the medical personnel identified the bodies as those of Mitchell Blair‘s children. The heartbreaking truth revealed that the victims were Stephen Gage Berry, a 9-year-old, and Stoni Ann Blair, a 13-year-old. The medical professionals determined that their deaths were the result of homicide. It was a grim discovery that shook the community to its core.

During her confession at the Wayne County Circuit CourtMitchell Blair offered a chilling explanation to Judge Dana Hathaway. She revealed that she had taken such drastic measures to end what she saw as the torment of her demons. Disturbingly, she disclosed that she had discovered her youngest son being subjected to sexual abuse by both Stephen and Stoni. In her twisted perspective, she believed she had taken justice into her own hands.

Without a hint of remorse, Mitchell Blair boldly proclaimed her readiness to repeat her actions if she deemed it necessary. Her chilling words echoed through the courtroom, leaving those in attendance stunned and bewildered by the depth of her conviction. It was a harrowing moment that underscored the tragic circumstances and its profound impact on the lives of all involved.

She recounted a personal experience in August 2012 when she arrived home only to find her son stimulating sexual activity with a doll. Concerned, she inquired about his actions and why he was doing that and asked if anyone had ever engaged him in such an act. To her surprise, he responded affirmatively, revealing that his brother, Stephen, had also been involved in such activities.

She then went up to confront him, which he admitted and confessed. She began punching and kicking him before she eventually placed a garbage bag over his head until he lost consciousness.

She also mentioned that she repeatedly poured scalding hot water on his genitals to cause his skin to peel off and also subjected him to the ingestion of harmful substances, such as Windex, and endured physical harm as a belt was tightly wound around his neck, causing him to lose consciousness during these harrowing incidents.

In an even more distressing turn of events, Blair later uncovered evidence that her daughter, Stoni, had also played a role in the abuse inflicted upon her youngest son. Overwhelmed by shock and despair, Blair found herself resorting to extreme measures, including starvation and brutal beatings, tragically leading to Stoni’s untimely demise in May 2013.

In the aftermath of this heartbreaking tragedy, she mentioned that she initially contemplated surrendering herself to the authorities, driven by a desire to face the consequences of her actions. However, her youngest son, filled with a mixture of love and fear, expressed a heartfelt plea for her not to leave. This emotional plea forced Blair to make an agonizing decision—to hide the truth and conceal the lifeless bodies of her deceased children.

She kept Stephen and Stoni‘s bodies hidden within the depths of a deep freezer, tucked away in their family home for nearly three years. Astonishingly, during this prolonged period, no suspicions were aroused, and no inquiries were made regarding their whereabouts. 

The absence of their fathers and Blair’s decision to homeschool them instead of conventional schooling contributed to the lack of external scrutiny. Whenever concerned neighbors raised questions about the children’s absence, Blair skillfully weaved a web of excuses, skillfully deflecting any suspicion.

Eventually, the truth finally came to the limelight, unraveling the dark secrets that Blair had desperately tried to conceal for so long. 

In June 2015, after being overwhelmed by guilt, she admitted to the tragic events, pleading guilty to two counts of first-degree premeditated murder. 

Consequently, Blair received a life sentence and is currently serving her time at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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