May 19, 2024

Bible Wonderland is a business organization involved mainly in Bible sales and other Christian materials.
It is a Christian Organization owned by Mr. Job Oluyomi.

The organization has been in existence and consistent for over 20 years.

Mr. Job Oluyomi is the Chairman and the CEO of Bible Wonderland. He stated during one of his seminars that he began selling Bibles when he was much younger, going from street to street, Under the bridge, and pasting banners and fliers on the walls.
He did this with his wife in the 90s until they were finally established and got their first outlet at Iyana Ipaja.
His wife, Mrs. Stella Oluyomi, is presently the organization’s managing director.

Iyana Ipaja Branch

Bible Wonderland has become a vast business organization and is one of the leading Bible Organization in Nigeria. It has been blessed with many outlets in Lagos and also in other states in Nigeria.

They deal with Wholesale and Retail sales. They sell Bible, Books by Foreign and Local authors, Children’s materials, and Church and Communion items also.

The company has its Head Office situated at an Alaka bus/stop with a vast banner written “WonderMall” at the top of the building.

WonderMall is Bible Wonderland’s building where other items like an eatery could come into the organization.
It is a massive building erected by Job Oluyomi, the chairman of Bible Wonderland.

The new erected WonderMall

Places their Outlets are located with their contacts.

Social Media

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