May 23, 2024

Anthony Joshua, a prominent boxer who has held multiple world championships in the heavyweight division, has recently stated that he will retire from boxing if he loses his upcoming fight on Saturday, 1st of April, 2023, against Jermain Franklin at the 02 Arena. 

He recently had a somewhat turbulent career, losing his last two fights to Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk. The pressure will be on Joshua to prove himself and reclaim his former glory as a dominant force in the sport.

When asked about his plans after retirement, Joshua shared that he was looking forward to finally being able to relax and unwind. Throughout his career, he has endured tremendous pressure and expectations, which can be extremely taxing both mentally and physically. However, despite the challenges, he always gave his best and remained committed to his sport.

Now, with retirement on the horizon, Joshua is eager to let go of all the chains weighing him down and enjoy life to the fullest. He hopes to spend quality time with his loved ones, travel, and pursue other interests he has put on hold for so long.

As for his upcoming fight with Franklin, Joshua remains confident in his abilities, but he is also mindful that his opponent has a lot riding on this match. He understands the importance of the fight for Franklin‘s career and is not taking anything for granted. At the same time, Joshua knows that he has the skills and experience to come out on top and is determined to give it his all in the ring.

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