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Zuhura Othman Soud (born November 22, 1993), professionally known as Zuchu, is a renowned Tanzanian musician and songwriter, signed under the Diamond Platinumz record label. She is notoriously known for reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers in a single week. She received the AFRIMMA Emerging Artist Award in 2020 and five Tanzania Music Awards in 2023.

Early Life

Zuchu hails from a musical Zanzibari family with Swahili roots. She is the beloved and well-known female Zanzibari Taarab musician Khadija Kopa’s daughter.

When TOT Band was at its height, Zuchu’s father, Othman Soud, wrote songs for Khadija Kopa and the group. However, he later changed careers and joined the police.

Zuchu met Diamond Platnumz and secured an audition thanks to her mother, Khadija KopaZuchu gave a test performance of two songs after meeting DiamondDiamond Platnumz was moved by her heartfelt rendition of the song Wana, which was eventually utilized as her debut song, and in 2016, welcomed her to the Wasafi Family.


Following Diamond’s announcement of Zuchu as the latest addition to his record label, WCB Wasafi, there was a widespread misconception that Zuchu was a newcomer to the music industry. However, this was far from the truth. Zuchu’s musical journey began back in 2015 when she made her debut on the music scene at the Tecno Take event in Lagos, Nigeria. During this event, she showcased her talent and competed against other artists like Nandy and Sapera. While Sapera emerged as the competition’s winner, this was a motivating challenge for Zuchu, inspiring her to work even harder and diligently pursue her music career.

Zuchu’s early introduction to music can be traced back to her childhood when she developed a passion for singing. Later, she collaborated with her mother, Khadija Kopa, on the “Mauzauza” track featured on her self-titled debut EP. One of her earliest public performances as an artist occurred at the inaugural TECNO OWN THE STAGE event in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2015.

The turning point in Zuchu’s career occurred on April 19, 2020, when she made her official debut under the WCB Wasafi label with the release of her EP album, “I am Zuchu.” This EP consisted of seven original songs and two bonus tracks and featured collaborations with prominent artists such as Diamond Platnumz, Sallam SK, Mbosso, Lavalava, Khadija Kopa, Babu Tale, Don Fumbwe, Ricardo Mumo, Mkubwa Fella, and Zuchu herself. During the EP launch, Zuchu showcased her impressive live band performances and demonstrated her vocal versatility, stage presence, and songwriting skills. Her songwriting abilities particularly caught the attention of Diamond Platnumz, who deemed it an essential trait for any WCB Wasafi artist.

In 2022, Zuchu achieved significant recognition as she became the most popular female musician in Sub-Saharan Africa. A few months later, she became the first female artist in East Africa to surpass 100 million streams on Boomplay, cementing her status as a music industry powerhouse.

Charles Maganga, a respected Tanzanian music journalist, lauded Zuchu’s latest song, “Utaniua,” as an intimate track paying homage to Bongo Flava and Baibuda. This release marked Zuchu’s first of 2023, further solidifying her position as a rising star in the industry.

In March 2023, Zuchu continued to make waves by unveiling her first official music video of the year for her brand-new track, “Napambana.” This release further showcased her artistic prowess and commitment to delivering exceptional music and visuals to her growing fanbase.



  • Side to Side (2020)
  • I am Zuchu (2020)

Awards & Nominations

AFRIMA Awards  

Tanzania Music Awards (5)

Personal Life

Beyond the spotlight, Zuchu had to overcome difficulties in her personal life. She managed the responsibilities of fame while attempting to preserve her integrity and sincerity as an artist. Her tenacity and fortitude were evidence of her character.

Numerous rumours have swirled around the relationship between Zuchu and her record label chief, Diamond Platnumz since she joined WCB Records. Despite Zuchu’s meteoric rise to fame and widespread recognition, she found herself amid unwarranted controversies. 

During an interview with Wasafi Media, the talented musician unequivocally refuted these allegations and stressed that her connection with Diamond was strictly professional. She emphasized that once they step outside the recording studio, their bond is akin to that of siblings, devoid of any romantic involvement.

Addressing claims linking her to Diamond and Tanasha Donna’s breakup, Zuchu categorically denied involvement and asserted that she played no role in their relationship.

Zuchu currently maintains a single relationship status and has not entered into marriage or parenthood. Her primary focus is on advancing her career and achieving greater success in the music industry.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @officialzuchu
  • Twitter: @Officialzuchu
  • YouTube: @Zuchu

Net Worth

The Tanzania artist, Zuchu, is estimated to be worth a massive sum of US$500k.

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