April 21, 2024

In a recent development regarding the arrest of the activist known as Verydarkman, his legal representative has issued a statement addressing the situation. Through a concise video clip shared on social media, the lawyer conveyed his determination to secure his client’s freedom, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

In his statement, the lawyer highlighted the series of events leading to Verydarkman’s detention. He emphasized that the complainants, who were previously involved in lodging petitions against him last year, have resurfaced as the instigators behind his recent arrest. Notably, the lawyer referenced an incident from January involving petitions filed by individuals including Tonto Dikeh, Iyabo Ojo, and SamKlef, which were subsequently dismissed by authorities.

However, the lawyer revealed that despite the previous dismissal of allegations, the complainants persisted in their efforts to incriminate Verydarkman. They allegedly submitted multiple petitions to various departments within the Nigerian Police Force, including the FCT Police Command, the Gender unit of the Nigerian Force CID, and the NPF Center for Cyber Crime Center (NCCC).

The lawyer disclosed that arrangements were already in place for a scheduled visit to the NCCC to address the latest accusations against Verydarkman. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, including the lawyer’s relocation to Lagos the previous week, the planned visit was postponed until the following Monday.

Unfortunately, before the scheduled meeting could take place, officers from the Gender Unit visited Verydarkman’s residence and proceeded to arrest him. The lawyer expressed his frustration over the abrupt action taken by law enforcement, which disrupted their planned engagement with the NCCC.

In conclusion, the lawyer reiterated his commitment to ensuring the protection of Verydarkman’s rights and pledged to explore all legal avenues to secure his release. The statement served as a reassurance to supporters and followers of Verydarkman, underscoring the ongoing efforts to address the situation and uphold justice.

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