May 22, 2024

Laila Charani (born January 29, 1991) is a Moroccan Model born and raised in Morocco. She gained widespread recognition as an ex-wife of the famous Nigerian billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko.

Early Life

Laila, [calculate_years datestring=”01/29/1991″]-year-old woman, is originally from Morocco. She was born and raised in a vibrant and culturally rich environment, surrounded by the warmth and love of her parents. Growing up, she was exposed to her country’s diverse traditions and customs, which helped shape her outlook on life and her values.

During her formative years, Laila attended both primary and secondary schools in Morocco, where she received a well-rounded education.

After completing her secondary education, Laila was accepted into a prestigious university in Morocco, where she pursued her academic interests with enthusiasm and dedication.


Laila is a stunning woman whose captivating personality exudes a natural charisma that draws people to her. Her youthful beauty has been apparent from a young age, and her modeling career has provided a platform to showcase her striking features and innate grace.

However, her marriage to the well-known Nigerian billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko propelled her into the spotlight. As the wife of such a prominent figure, Laila’s elegance and poise have only further solidified her status as a prominent figure in society.

Personal Life 

Laila is an accomplished woman who holds the distinction of being the fifth wife and also an ex-wife of the famous Nigerian billionaire Ned Nwoko. Their marriage spanned about 15 years, were blessed with three beautiful children – a son and two daughters.

However, in October 2019, Laila publicly announced that she and her husband had severed ties after he married Regina Daniel as his sixth wife. 

This announcement sparked much interest and speculation from their fans and the public alike, who have been left to wonder about the true reasons behind the couple’s split.

Social Media

Net Worth 

Laila Charani has an estimated net worth of approximately US$500,000 – US$1 million.

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