July 12, 2024

Kenza Boutrif (born August 1, 2001) has risen to prominence as a prominent influencer and accomplished model, leaving audiences spellbound with her exquisite beauty and irresistible charm. Despite her youthful age, she has swiftly carved out a distinguished reputation, emerging as one of the industry’s most sought-after and beloved figures.

Kenza’s association as the ambassador of Oh Polly, a renowned fashion powerhouse, has elevated her to the status of a household name and a wellspring of inspiration for countless admirers and aspiring talents.

Early Life

Kenza, currently 22 years of age,  was born and raised in the United Kingdom. Kenza Boutrif’s heritage is a blend of Congolese and Algerian ancestry. Growing up, she had a keen sense of fashion and style, dressing with flair and personality.

Kenza was renowned in high school for her impeccable taste and elegant style. She consistently showcased an ability to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and often found herself ahead of the curve, setting trends rather than following them. Her natural beauty and fashion insight were undeniable, and her influence began to radiate outward, leaving an indelible mark on the fashion scene.


Kenza Boutrif’s educational journey has been marked by excellence from her early elementary school through high school in London, laying a solid foundation for her future.

She’s pursuing her degree at an Ivy League university, continuing her journey of knowledge and growth. Her academic achievements are a testament to her drive and ambition, which have led her to great success.


Kenza’s career trajectory is a testament to her meteoric rise in the world of social media influence and modeling. Her journey began in 2016 when she started showcasing her remarkable physical attributes through her Instagram page. What initially started as a platform for self-expression and creativity quickly transformed her from a young teenager into a globally recognized influencer.

Over the years, Kenza’s growth has been nothing short of astounding, and she has emerged as a central figure in the world of modeling, compelling audiences worldwide to take notice. Her passion for fashion and innate talent gradually evolved into a full-fledged profession, ultimately catapulting her to the status of the highest-paid influencer on the planet.

Kenza’s illustrious career has seen her collaborate with renowned brands such as Fashion Nova, Envy Shoes, Missy Empire, Pretty Little Thing, and House of CB, among others. Her diverse portfolio also extends to body care brands like Bella Hair, Amore Hair, Galore Lashes, Her HUKr UK, and Shea D’Beauty, demonstrating her versatility and widespread appeal.

Furthermore, Kenza’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her fashion store, solidifying her presence as one of the UK’s thriving businesswomen. Her remarkable talents did not escape the discerning eyes of Wilhelmina Models, a prestigious modeling agency that recognized her as an invaluable asset where she presently works.

Recently, Kenza has extended her influence by partnering with Oh Polly, a global fashion brand, further enhancing her status as a prominent figure in the fashion and influencer industry. Her journey from an Instagram enthusiast to a world-leading influencer and model is a testament to her hard work, innovation, and unwavering dedication to her career.

Personal Life

Kenza currently resides in the community of London, living in a well-furnished duplex. He was raised and nurtured within a Christian background and currently finds solace in her association with a Pentecostal church.

While the public is aware of her romantic status, the identity of her partner remains a well-guarded secret, allowing her to maintain a degree of privacy in her personal life.

In previous years, she is fond of a famous American rapper, who she was seen in a concert, taking pictures, who happens to be Young Thug. Rumors took it up, claiming that she had been in a relationship with Central Cee, though such claims were false. 

Social Media

  • Instagram: @6kenza


Young and beautiful Kenza has raised a whopping estimated net worth of over US$400,000.

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