June 19, 2024

Sabrina Sakaë Mottola Sodi (born October 15, 2007) is a young celebrity kid who has captured the public’s fascination owing to her parents’ fame. Her mother, Thalía Ariadna Sodi, is a highly acclaimed Mexican singer, actress, and radio broadcaster renowned for her talent and charm, while her father, Tommy Mottola, stands as a titan in the music business in the United States of America.

Early Life

Sabrina was born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised under the care of her celebrity parent. Her mother,  Thalía Ariadna Sodi, also known as the Queen of Telenovelas, is considered one of America’s most prominent Latino celebrities. Her father, Tommy Mottola, plays a pivotal role in shaping the music industry, working with some of the biggest names in the business. His influence and expertise have earned him professional acclaim and contributed significantly to the evolution of the American music landscape.

She is enrolled in one of the most esteemed schools within the community, where she is making remarkable strides in her academic journey.


Sabrina is currently 16 years old, is at a pivotal point in her life where her focus is primarily on her education and preparing for her future career. Recognizing the importance of a solid educational foundation, she dedicates her time and energy to her studies, honing her skills, and exploring her passions.

Sabrina has not yet taken up employment, given her age and academic priorities. Instead, she is channeling her efforts into gaining knowledge, acquiring valuable skills, and nurturing her talents. This deliberate approach underscores her commitment to shaping a successful and fulfilling future, laying the groundwork for her aspirations while immersing herself in the world of learning and personal growth.

Persona Life

The young girl, Sabrina, shares a profound and affectionate bond with her parents, particularly with her brother, Matthew Alejandro Mottola Sodi, who is currently 14 years old. Their close-knit family dynamic is evident in the strong connections they maintain.

Sabrina is currently single and not romantically involved with anyone. Her primary focus lies in her education, a commitment she takes seriously. Dedicated to her academic pursuits, she invests her time and energy in learning, aspiring for a bright future. This dedication reflects her determination to achieve her goals and establish a strong foundation for herself.

Net Worth

Sabrina currently possesses an inheritance totaling approximately US$60 million, which she received from her parents. At present, she is not engaged in any employment, allowing her the opportunity to manage her substantial inheritance wisely and explore her passions without the constraints of a traditional job.


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