June 20, 2024

Margeaux Morial (born 2005; age 19 years) is an American celebrity who has captivated the public eye as a young star and a child of renowned personalities. Her mother, Michelle Milleris a distinguished journalist and national correspondent for CBS News, while her father, Marc Morial, is a prominent American politician and civic leader known for his significant contributions to public service. 

Early Life

Margeaux, currently 19, was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, under the care and nurturing of her parent, Michelle Miller and Marc Morial, two renowned personalities.

Growing up, Margeaux shared her home with her two brothers, Mason Morial and Kemah Morial. Together, they experienced the bonds of family and the adventures of youth in the lively atmosphere of New Orleans.

Although specific details about her educational journey are private, while not openly discussing her educational background, Margeaux demonstrated the essence of her education through her eloquent speech and thoughtful expressions.


Margeaux, a mysterious figure in the world of American celebrities, has managed to captivate the public’s curiosity despite her enigmatic persona. While she is widely recognized as a celebrity in the United States, she has adeptly shielded her professional life from the prying eyes of the media by maintaining a deliberate absence from social media platforms. This conscious choice to remain off the digital grid has only fueled the intrigue surrounding her life and career.

Personal Life

Margeaux remains steadfastly single, channeling her energy and passion into her professional endeavors.

Margeaux’s commitment to her career stands out in the competitive world she navigates. Her days are filled with hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether she’s honing her skills, networking with industry professionals, or diving into new projects, her focus remains unswerving.

Social Media

Net Worth

Margeaux’s net worth is estimated at around US$2 million – US$3 million.

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