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Zehira Darabid (born May 10, 1980) is a famous French-Algerian singer, songwriter, and musician known for her work in the pop-R&B genre. She is known professionally by her stage name, Zaho, and gained prominence in the music industry in 2008 after her song went viral on the internet.

Early Life

Zaho was born and raised in Oran, Algeria, where she spent her formative years in the vibrant neighborhood of Bab Ezzouar. At the age of 18, Zaho, along with her family, made a significant move to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her mother is a respected mathematics professor, and her father holds a prominent executive position.

Zaho grew up alongside her sister and a brother, whose public profiles remain relatively unknown. From an early age, Zaho displayed a deep passion for music and a burning desire to make it her lifelong pursuit. She dedicated herself to honing her musical talents and skills, eventually leading to her breakthrough in the music industry.

She attended both primary school and college and had a normal academic life. She started learning guitar at the age of seven, and when she was ten, she was already a notably certified guitarist. After graduating from school, she focused squarely on sampling songs and making music, Thus putting her academic and training knowledge to profitable use. 


Zaho’s journey into the professional music scene began in 1999 when she relocated to Montreal. It was in Montreal that she first encountered the producers and studios of the music industry, setting the stage for her remarkable career.

In her early career, Zaho quickly garnered attention and recognition, rubbing shoulders with well-known figures in the French entertainment world. Her collaborations with established artists such as Idir, Tunisiano, and Soprano helped her establish herself as a promising talent. She also found herself in esteemed company among French rap luminaries like La Fouine, Sefyu, Don Choa, Tunisiano, Kery James, and Kamelancien, who frequently featured her in their music projects.

Notably, Zaho expanded her musical horizons by working with Algerian artists Cheb Mami and Idir, contributing to a diverse range of musical genres.

However, it was in late 2007 that Zaho’s career took a significant turn when the track “Lune de Miel” by Don Choa became a massive hit, opening doors for her solo music career. Her debut album, aptly titled “Dima” (2008), showcased Timbaland-like production and swiftly climbed into the Top 20 charts. It proved to be one of the year’s best-selling records and spawned several hit singles, solidifying her position in the music industry.

Zaho’s music resonated with audiences not only in France but also in French Canada and beyond, earning her a reputation as an internationally renowned artist. Her debut album, “Dima,” derived its name from the Arabic word for “always,” reflecting her dedication to music as a lifelong pursuit.

Beyond her singing career, Zaho also demonstrated her talent as a songwriter by penning Idir’s song “Tout ce temps.” Her songwriting skills were so impressive that Idir insisted she join him in performing the track.

Recognizing her growing influence and success, Zaho represented France at the 2008 MTV EMAs, receiving the esteemed Best European Artist award. Her music continues to captivate audiences in various countries, cementing her status as a prominent figure in the music industry, particularly in France and French Canada.


  • Dima
  • Contagieuse 
  • Le monde a l’envers
  • Resilence

Awards & Nomination

  • MTV Europe Music Awards 2008 : Meilleur artiste français
  • NRJ Music Awards 2009 : Révélation francophone de l’année
  • NRJ Music Awards 2011 : Groupe/Duo/Troupe francophone de l’année feat Justin Nozuka
  • Prix de La Création 2011: Chanson international 2011 feat Sean Paul
  • Trace Urban Music Award 2013 : Meilleure artiste féminine
  • Trace Urban Music Awards 2013 : Meilleure collaboration feat La Fouine

Personal Life

Zaho’s personal life reflects the harmonious balance she has achieved between her successful career as an artist and her role as a devoted mother and loving wife. She is married to her husband, Paul Ecole, forming a loving and supportive partnership. Their union has been blessed with the joy of parenthood, as they are proud parents to a beautiful son.

On May 20, 2018, Zaho shared the delightful news of her pregnancy with her fans and followers through her Instagram account, inviting them to participate in this joyous journey in her life.

Despite her demanding career in the music industry, Zaho has proven to be a nurturing and attentive mother to her child. Her ability to strike a balance between the responsibilities of motherhood and her professional endeavors showcases her admirable dedication to both aspects of her life.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @zahonline

Net Worth

Zaho’s estimated net worth is in the vicinity of US$1 million.

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