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Julien Franck Bouadjie Kamgang (born May 2, 1996) is a highly influential figure in the music industry, hailing from France. He is widely recognized and celebrated under his professional stage name, Tayc, pronounced TaiKeeTayc has earned a distinguished reputation as a multifaceted artist, primarily excelling in the genres of Hip-Hop and Afrobeat.

Early Life

Tayc’s upbringing was greatly influenced by his Cameroonian parents, who instilled a deep appreciation for music and culture. As a young boy in Marseille, he was exposed to a rich tapestry of sounds, rhythms, and traditions that would later shape his artistic journey.

In 2012, Tayc moved to the bustling metropolis of Paris. Here, he embarked on his musical career, setting the stage for an inspiring and impactful journey in music.

Tayc’s artistic exploration did not begin with music alone. Initially, he immersed himself in theater and dance, honing his skills and gaining valuable experience in these expressive arts. His time at the notable School of Arts in Paris allowed him to delve into the intricacies of performance, enabling him to develop a strong stage presence and an understanding of storytelling through various mediums.

While theater and dance were essential to his creative development, Tayc’s true passion ultimately found its voice in singing and songwriting. With the guidance of his experiences in the School of Arts, he transitioned into music, embracing the power of lyrics, melody, and emotion to convey his thoughts and feelings.


Tayc, the multi-talented artist from Paris, embarked on his remarkable musical journey in 2012, after intensive theatre and dance studies. These early artistic pursuits would be instrumental in shaping his future as a musician.

In 2017, Tayc took a significant step in his burgeoning career by releasing his debut mixtape, “Alchemy.” This debut release allowed him to showcase his creative prowess, blending theatrical and dance background elements into his music, resulting in a distinctive and captivating sound.

In 2018, Tayc made waves in the music scene the following year by releasing his second mixtape, “H.E. L.I.O.S.” This project further solidified his position as a rising star in the French music industry, as fans and critics alike recognized his talent for crafting compelling and emotive music.

In 2019, Tayc achieved a milestone that marked a turning point in his career. His debut album, “Nyxia,” was released under the H24 label. This album showcased his evolution as an artist and demonstrated his ability to craft a cohesive body of work that resonated with a broad audience.

Tayc’s journey in entertainment took an unexpected turn in 2021 when he participated in the eleventh season of the famous French television show “Danse avec les stars.” Paired with the skilled professional dancer Fauve HautotTayc’s participation in the show garnered significant attention and admiration. Together, they achieved an impressive victory, securing 56% of the audience vote, triumphing over tough competition, including Bilal Hassani and Jordan Mouillerac.

The judging process in the show was critical, with the first round serving as a pivotal moment in determining whether Tayc and Fauve would qualify for the final round. The judges’ assessments played a crucial role in their journey to victory.

Tayc’s affiliation with the esteemed H24 label has been a critical factor in his success, allowing him to reach monumental heights in the music industry. His subsequent hits have consistently garnered massive attention and acclaim, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the Parisian music scene and beyond. 


  • Alchemy 
  • H.E.L.I.O.S
  • Nyxia 
  • Nyxia, Tome II
  • Nyxia, Tome III
  • Fleur froide
  • Fleur froide second etat
  • Room 96

Awards & Nomination

  • N.R.J. Music Awards (2020)

Personal Life

Tayc, the charismatic 28-year-old artist, is known for his musical talents and his courteous and charming demeanor offstage, which has endeared him to fans worldwide. While his current relationship status remains private, he consistently sports a cheerful disposition that reflects the abundant joy he carries in his heart.

Tayc’s personal life has often been a subject of curiosity and speculation among his fans and the media. While he has been the subject of occasional rumors regarding romantic involvement with Fauve HautotTayc, and Fauve have maintained a discreet silence on these speculations, neither confirming nor denying the rumors. Their decision to keep their personal lives private has only fueled the intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Recently, Tayc made headlines again, but this time for a deeply personal and joyous revelation. He shared a photograph on his social media platform that captured a significant moment: an image of his unidentified girlfriend visibly pregnant. The photograph instantly went viral, with fans and followers expressing their excitement and heartfelt congratulations to Tayc on this new chapter in his life.

This unexpected announcement showcased Tayc’s ability to maintain a level of secrecy about his personal affairs and provided a glimpse into his evolving journey as an individual and artist. While the identity of his girlfriend remained undisclosed, the shared moment of anticipation and happiness resonated deeply with his supporters, who celebrated the news with warmth and enthusiasm.

Despite his warm and approachable offstage persona, Tayc has occasionally garnered attention for his unconventional behavior during live performances. In a notable incident in 2022, during one of his electrifying stage performances, enthusiastic female fans began throwing undergarments onto the stage in a display of admiration. In a spontaneous and somewhat controversial move, Tayc picked up one of the tossed items, humorously raised it aloft, and playfully pretended to sniff it. This unexpected action left a variety of reactions among the audience, including some who found it amusing and others who were taken aback.

The incident generated discussion and mixed opinions on social media, with some fans expressing their discomfort and disapproval of Tayc’s on-stage antics. Recognizing the impact of his actions, Tayc subsequently issued a public apology for any offense or discomfort his behavior may have caused. He genuinely sought to make amends with his fanbase, aiming to preserve the strong connection he had built with them over the years.

Ultimately, Tayc’s ability to reconcile with his fans was a testament to his musical prowess and undeniable talent. Through the power of his soulful and captivating music, he managed to reignite the passion and enthusiasm of his loyal supporters, allowing him to continue his career and personal journey with the unwavering support of those who appreciate his artistic contributions.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @taycofficiel

Net Worth

Tayc, the accomplished and highly sought-after artist celebrated for his remarkable success with “N’y pense plus,” has established himself as a formidable figure in the music industry with a career marked by chart-topping hits and a dedicated fan base. Tayc’s financial achievements reflect his prominence in the music world. Estimates suggest that he is currently valued at approximately US$25 million, a testament to his enduring popularity and the commercial viability of his music.

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