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Ibrahima Diakité (born on August 5, 1994) is a prominent French rapper widely acclaimed under his stage name, Gazo. He is a highly respected figure in the realm of rap and hip-hop music, celebrated for his chart-topping tracks, including “Drill FR 5,” “Tu le sais,” and “Bodies.” 

Gazo’s magnetic presence in the music industry has garnered him a substantial fan base, with an impressive following of over 1.3 million devoted Instagram supporters. 

Early Life

Ibrahima Diakité was born and raised in Centre Val de Loire, France, to a Guinean family in Châteauroux. He is the youngest of five siblings, having grown up in the Roquette neighborhood before relocating to more modest accommodations in Belleville. Notably, he shares familial ties with the acclaimed rapper MHD.

Gazo displayed a penchant for trouble during his early years, often entangled in misadventures. This tumultuous behavior ultimately led his parents to send him away from home at the tender age of 12. His path took an even more challenging turn when he decided to drop out of school just three years later.

Following his departure from the educational system in the sixth grade, Ibrahima was placed in a group home and subsequently with a foster family, where he remained until he reached adulthood. However, life took a precarious turn as he struggled to obtain proper identification papers, navigating a nomadic existence between Saint-Denis and life on the streets.

2017 marked a pivotal moment when he faced detention at a remand facility for the first time. Despite this setback, Gazo was released, only to find himself caught in a cycle that led him back into confinement again, underscoring the challenges and complexities he had to overcome to become the artist known today.


At 11, he was enrolled in an educational home to provide structure and support in his upbringing. However, his tumultuous behavior led to his expulsion from his family’s home just a year later. Unfortunately, the challenges of maintaining his education proved impossible for him. His inherently unruly and violent disposition made school an inhospitable environment for someone of his tempestuous nature. Consequently, he discontinued his formal education three years later at 15.


In a fascinating journey through the world of music, Gazo initially embarked on his rap career under the alias Bramsou, a nod to his given name. He laid the foundation for his musical journey by establishing the Barrodeur Music Group. However, early in his career, he faced limitations due to the name Bramsou, prompting a transformation of his musical persona into the now-recognizable Gazo—an epithet derived from trusted neighbors.

Gazo’s ascent in the music industry began to gain momentum with his introduction of the “Drill FR” series in October 2019, a collection of five freestyles that garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. His talent did not go unnoticed, and in August 2020, he inked a significant record deal with Sony Music’s Epic Records France, a label known for its association with influential American artists such as Drake and Travis Scott.

Inspired by his American counterparts, Gazo transformed his appearance, adopting mid-length braided hair and adorning himself with eye-catching jewelry. During this period, he released “Drill FR 4” in June 2020, featuring Freeze Corleone, a track that would eventually shape the French drill sound in 2022.

Gazo’s debut song with Sony, “Inceste,” was released on August 27, 2020, marking a significant milestone in his career. Additionally, his collaboration with Kaaris on the song “Tchin 2X12,” featured on Kaaris‘ album “One,” achieved notable success, peaking at number 44 on the Top Singles chart and reaching 78.

One of Gazo’s standout moments came when the music from “Tchin 2X12” became a viral sensation on TikTok, leading to a diamond record certification in September 2021, a testament to his soaring popularity. 

Capitalizing on his success, Gazo collaborated with various musicians, including the British group Russ Millions, for his debut mixtape.

Not content with confining his artistry to the French-speaking community alone, Gazo expanded his horizons by incorporating English subtitles into his videos, a strategic move to broaden his appeal and reach a global audience.


  • Drill FR 1
  • Drill FR 2
  • Drill FR 3
  • Drill FR 4 (feat. Freeze Corleone)
  • Drill FR 5
  • Inceste
  • Bodies
  • Tu le sais
  • KMT
  • Tchin 2X12 (with Kaaris)
  • Rottweiler (with Freeze Corleone)
  • HLM
  • Lavish (with Soolking)
  • Sinaloa (with Soso Maness)
  • Fiasco
  • Sirens
  • Coco
  • Lost
  • Million
  • Street Talk

Personal Life

Gazo is undeniably a pivotal figure in French rap, and his impact on the genre has been nothing short of transformative. His contribution to the elevation of drill music and its reception within the culture has been remarkable, solidifying his status as a true phenomenon in the French rap scene. This achievement is a testament to his talent, dedication, and artistic prowess.

Behind the glamorous facade of fame, Gazo leads a somewhat secluded life, reminiscent of many young stars who grapple with the pressures and demands of the industry. The spotlight and the stage have undoubtedly become his second home, allowing him to express his creativity and connect with his dedicated fan base.

In matters of the heart, Gazo’s relationship status has been a subject of curiosity among his admirers. At the moment, he remains single, choosing to focus on his career and personal growth. However, it’s worth noting that he has previously expressed interest in finding a life partner and settling down soon.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @gazo_officiel

Net Worth

Gazo is a thriving French rapper, and his financial success is reflected in his estimated net worth, which stands at approximately US$720,000 – US$1 million.

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