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Oludipe Oluwasanmi David ( born October 1, 1997; Age: 26 Years) is a prominent Nigerian artist who is widely recognized by his musical moniker, SPYRO. He has made significant waves in the Nigerian music scene, not only as a versatile musician but also as an astute entrepreneur and talented songwriter.

He rose to immense popularity and left a significant mark on the music scene following the launch of his single, ‘Billings.’ Additionally, he has unveiled numerous chart-topping tracks and collaborated with some of the industry’s foremost celebrities.

Early Life and Education

Spyro was born in the boundaries of Lagos state, where he grew up under his parent’s guidance and completed his education. Growing up, he navigated the ups and downs of life in Lagos, shaping his character and dreams. Although he cherished his family deeply, Spyro preferred to shield them from the prying eyes of the public, choosing to keep them away from the spotlight.

He graduated from New Mainland Children’s School with a primary-level certificate. He earned his secondary school certificate in Model College located in the downside of Lagos community, finally rounding up at the University of Ibadan. 


Spyro’s journey into the music industry is woven with determination, talent, and unwavering passion. His story began to unfold during his formative years, where his secondary school experiences and religious background provided the fertile ground for his budding musical aspirations.

As a young and independent artist, his relentless pursuit of success firmly planted Spyro’s roots in the industry, and his profound inspiration was drawn from iconic artists like Usher and R Kelly. These musical luminaries became guiding stars, illuminating his path and shaping his artistic identity. Starting from scratch, Spyro embarked on his musical odyssey, facing numerous challenges and overcoming hurdles to carve a niche for himself in the competitive world of music.

His breakthrough moment arrived when he released his single ‘Billings,’ a track that resonated deeply with audiences and swiftly gained momentum, making waves in 2022. This marked the turning point in his career, catapulting him into the limelight and capturing the attention of music enthusiasts far and wide.

In the latter months of 2022, Spyro unveiled another masterpiece, ‘Who is your Guy,’ a composition that not only climbed the charts but also earned the admiration of influential figures. The track caught the ear of the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who endorsed it during his 2023 election campaign, further solidifying Spyro’s impact on the music scene.

Undeterred by his initial success, Spyro resolved to elevate his career further. He embarked on a creative journey, remixing ‘Who is Your Guy’ with the talented Tiwa Savage through the help of Tunde Ednut, who linked them up. This collaboration proved to be a game-changer, propelling him to new heights of fame and recognition. His artistic prowess and collaborative efforts were duly acknowledged, leading to well-deserved nominations and awards, marking the pinnacle of his musical achievements.


  • Puff Puff
  • Funke
  • Japa
  • Amazing
  • Gunshot 
  • Stay With Me
  • For You 
  • 102
  • Billings 
  • Who is your Guy 
  • Who is your Guy Remix
  • For You 

Personal life 

Spyro was embroiled in a heated controversy involving fellow singer Portable, which sent ripples through the music industry. The clash between Spyro and Portable unfolded during the creation of a song, with sparks of disagreement and misunderstanding igniting the feud. 

In response to this public clash, Spyro made a resounding declaration, firmly stating that any possibility of collaboration between him and Portable was virtually non-existent. His reasoning? He cited a fundamental mismatch in the genres of music they each pursued, highlighting the stark differences that had fueled their discord.

Spyro has managed to maintain a cloak of secrecy around his romantic endeavors. His personal life, especially his romantic relationships, has remained well-guarded and sheltered from the prying eyes of social media and public scrutiny.


  • The Headies

Social Media

Net Worth 

Spyro has accumulated an estimated net worth of about US$15,000.

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