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Sonia Ben Ammar (born February 19, 1999; Age: 25 years) is a multi-talented individual of Tunisian and French descent, professionally known as Sonia Amar. She has carved a niche in the entertainment industry as a gifted singer, actress, and model.

Sonia has displayed a remarkable talent that transcended borders and cultures. Her unique blend of Tunisian and French heritage has enriched her artistry, making her a standout figure in the industry. With a passion for music, acting, and modeling, Sonia embarked on a journey leading her to international recognition and acclaim. 

Early Life and Education

Sonia was born in Paris, France, to the family of Tarak Ben Ammar, a renowned film producer in Tunisia, and her mother, Beata Ben Ammar, a talented movie actress from Poland. Sonia’s family tree reflects a diverse blend of Tunisian-Berber and Corsican heritage and a deep-rooted Islamic tradition from her father’s side.

Sonia’s parents came from different cultural backgrounds. Her mother, originally a Catholic, embraced Islam after marrying Tarak Ammar, blending their beliefs and values to create a harmonious family environment. Growing up, Sonia shared her childhood with her siblings, Tarak Ben Ammar Jr., Neil Ben Ammar, and Jad Ben Ammar, forming strong bonds.

She embarked on her academic path at the American School of Paris, immersing herself in a diverse and vibrant environment. Later, she pursued higher education, culminating her studies at the prestigious University of Southern California, where she refined her skills and expanded her horizons.


Sonia Ben Ammar’s journey into entertainment kicked off with a burst of energy in 2012. She made her acting debut in the stage play “1789: Les Amants de la Bastille,” marking the exciting beginning of her acting career. In less than a year, she graced the screen in “Jappeloup,” showcasing her versatility and talent at a young age.

Her venture into modeling took a definitive shape when she signed with the prestigious IMG Modelling brand. Sonia became a sought-after face, representing renowned fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Chanel, and Topshop. Her elegance and poise caught the industry’s attention, landing her on the covers of major magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, L’Officiel, and Love, making her a recognizable name in the fashion scene even before 2017.

Between 2017 and 2019, Sonia tirelessly pursued her passion for music, making significant strides in the music industry. She released her debut single, ‘Joyride,’ a track that resonated with audiences and showcased her musical prowess. Additionally, she collaborated as a featured artist in one of Petit Biscuit’s songs, ‘Creator Come Alive,’ highlighting her versatility as a musician.

The year 2022 marked a turning point in Sonia’s career. She graced the silver screen in a film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett titled “The Fifth Scream,” sharing the screen with the talented Liv Mizkenzie. This cinematic venture not only demonstrated her acting abilities but also solidified her presence in the film industry, promising exciting opportunities on the horizon.

In 2023, She was cast in the popular movie The Equalizer, an American vigilante action movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, which featured other prominent actors like Dakota Fanning, Denzel Washington, Gaia Scodellaro, and others. 

Personal Life 

Sonia Ammar’s romantic journey has been marked by high-profile relationships that captured the public’s attention. One notable chapter in her love life involved Anwar Hadid, the younger sibling of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid. Their relationship became a topic of widespread discussion in 2018, drawing the curiosity of fans and the public alike.

Prior to her relationship with Anwar, Sonia had a well-documented love story with Brooklyn Beckham, spanning the years 2015 to 2016. Although this romance didn’t have a happy ending, it certainly piqued the interest of her fans and audience, making headlines and keeping everyone intrigued about her love life


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Net Worth 

Sonia Ben is quite productive and profitable through her journey in movies, music, modeling, and entrepreneurship and has accumulated an estimated net worth of over US$5 million.

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