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Stanley Omah Didia (born May 19, 1997), professionally known as OmahLay, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is originally from PortHarcourt, spending his most formative years over there with his parent. He was raised in Ikwerre in Rivers state but spent his teenage years in the Marine with his father.

Early Life

OmahLay was born into a musically inclined family. His grandfather played an instrument for the legendary Celestine Ukwu in the late 70s before he died in 1977. Omahlay’s father also plays the traditional drum, so it didn’t come as stupefaction to his parent when they began glimpsing the part their son was embarking on.

The young star grew up with his father in the Marine base where his father was stationed.

He began rapping and thrilled many people around him with his raps. He hooked up with a rap group, Having created Lil King as the stage name for himself. Soon, He developed a desire for Music production and gradually yielded his interest away from rap. He started learning music production from some of his acquainted friends who are good at production. A few months later, He became perfect and began collaborating with the upcoming artist to make good sound and music in PortHarcourt.

┬áHe wasn’t just satisfied with what He was offering the industry. He wanted to also move the crowd, so He stirred up his passion for singing and eventually became a singer, although it didn’t appear to be much difficult due to the fact that he is well familiar with production and also being an ex-rapper.

 In 2019 He recorded and released his first studio work, which he wrote, sang, and produced by himself, “Hello Brother” and “Do Not Disturb.” These two songs went viral and opened up some record deals for him. He signed a record deal with KeyQaad Records, a Lagos-based record label, which he had to voyage out of PortHarcourt to Lagos to start up his dreams fully.


The Lil King established himself with a better stage name, “OmahLay,” before the release of his first songs. He gave himself a seven-month break in June 2019 to work on his EP after he had been signed into KeyQaad Records. The “Get Layd” EP came out with a dope sound and many waves. “Bad Influence,” a track off the EP, became a massive hit song, giving him enormous recognition. He stated that he had recorded it before even composing other tracks on the EP. 

“Bad Influence” became one of the most Nigerian songs streamed on Apple Music at the end of 2020.

The project he dropped on May 22,2020, and was a huge success. It received massive airplay, garnered considerable views, and Peaked at number one on the Nigerian Apple Music chart.

He became so popular and had his name on the lips of every Nigerian, His fame was visible all over, and it brought him more extensive opportunities and features by the top and influential superstars in Nigeria. He collaborated with Olamide in his album “Carpe Diem” on the track “Infinity.”

OmahLay further released another EP on November 20,2020. “What Have We Done,” and he dominated the Music charts for weeks with “Godly” off the track, topping the chart as number one in Nigeria.

He was nominated for four categories at the 2020 Headies Award and won the next-rated Artist Award at the 14th Headies Music Awards, and he went home with a brand new car as part of the gifts.

He featured alongside a Nigerian, Rapper Alpha P, on the official Masterkraft’s remix of Justin Bieber in 2021 “Peaches. And he also collaborated with Gyakie on a remix version of “Forever.” 

He released a collaboration with Justin Bieber on March 3, 2022, the song titled “Attention.” He also featured some influential artists in Nigeria on his forthcoming album, “Boy Alone,” releasing it on July 15,2022. The 14 tracks album hits and finds its way to the top chart. This actually appears to be his first full-length album over the years. Omah is currently signed to Sire Records for his international distribution.


  • Bad Influence 
  • Lolo 
  • You
  • Hello Brother
  • Attention 
  • Do not Disturb 
  • Woman
  • I’m a Mess
  • Bend you
  • Understand

Personal Life

It was reported in December 2020 that He was arrested alongside Tems in Kampala, Uganda, for violating the Covid-19 conditions and was hurriedly arraigned and sent to jail. They somehow believed it was some kind of setup. However, the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry intervened, releasing them after two days. They apologized and immediately cleared their name.

We haven’t verified Omahlay’s current relationship yet, but it was rumored that He broke up with his girl 24hrs after he unveiled her on Instagram in 2021.

Gloria Eberechi was OmahLay’s favorite, and they were in a relationship for a couple of years until their breakup in 2021.

Omahlay and Gloria

Reportedly said that a video of her spending quality time with a strange guy while she was in a relationship with Omahlay.

Omahlay is a very reserved artist and every ladies crush.

Social Media

Instagram @Omahlay

Twitter @Omah_Lay

Net Worth

Omahlay is one of the top earners among the fast-rising artist and one of the most sought acts with an estimated US$500,000 – $1 million.

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