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Lawal Michael Nasiru Bolaji (born March 13, 1992; Age: 32 years) is a renowned and versatile Nigerian celebrity recognized for his multifaceted talents as a content creator, comedian, singer, and songwriter, professionally known as Nasboi.

Nasboi catapulted into the limelight within the Nigerian entertainment scene through his adept mimicry of the famous Nigerian musician Davido, earning him the affectionate moniker, the “Low Budget OBO.” This distinctive approach showcased Nasboi’s comedic prowess and ability to infuse humour into his creative content.

Beyond his musical impersonations, Nasboi has garnered widespread acclaim for engaging and humorous content on various social media platforms. His unique style and entertaining narratives have cultivated a substantial and dedicated following on his social media handles, further solidifying his status as a digital sensation.

Early Life

Nasboi was born and raised in Osun state but spent his formative years in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, where he completed his elementary and secondary school education under the guardianship of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bolaji.

His early education commenced at Bright International Nursery School and Shalom International Nursery and Primary School, where he laid the foundation for his academic pursuits. Subsequently, Nasboi continued his secondary education at Istan Comprehensive High School before he was later transferred to Ogba Comprehensive High School.

Upon completing his high school education, Nasboi secured admission to the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 


Nasboi’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of a remarkable evolution, marked by resilience, creativity, and a strategic blend of talents. From his early days as a genuine music enthusiast, Nasboi’s passion for the art form became the driving force behind his decision to embark on a full-fledged career in the music industry after completing his education.

Despite numerous releases and freestyles, Nasboi initially faced challenges in gaining recognition in the competitive music landscape. Undeterred, he pivoted towards a different avenue by creating short comedic skits, showcasing his multifaceted abilities. These skits initially shared on Facebook and other social media platforms, proved to be the turning point in Nasboi’s career.

Nasboi’s comedic prowess quickly caught the attention of a growing audience, thanks in part to the support of influential figures like Tunde Ednut, who amplified his content to a wider audience. One of Nasboi’s early strategies involved mimicking the voice of the popular music star Davido, injecting humour into his creative works.

The introduction of Chief Romanus brought a fresh and relatable perspective to Nasboi’s comedic content, portraying the everyday life of an ordinary Igbo man. This unique approach endeared him to fans and significantly contributed to his rising stardom.

Beyond comedy, Nasboi seamlessly ventured into acting, making notable appearances in films such as “Lockdown” in 2021 and “Passport” in 2022. This diversification showcased his versatility and added a new dimension to his entertainment portfolio.

In a groundbreaking move in November 2023, Nasboi released a chart-topping song titled “Umbrella,” featuring the legendary artist Wande Coal. The song quickly became a national hit, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts across Nigeria. The accompanying dance challenge further fueled the song’s popularity, with notable celebrities like Don Jazzy, Sydney TalkerSabinusand Seun Kuti joining the infectious dance craze.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @Iamnasboi
  • Twitter: NASIRU (@iamnasboi)
  • Yotube: Nasboi

Personal Life

Nasboi, in a notable departure from the often pervasive trend of sharing personal details on social media, has been remarkably adept at safeguarding the privacy of his personal life. While he has openly acknowledged his involvement in a committed and serious relationship, he has intentionally refrained from publicly revealing the identity of his girlfriend, maintaining a level of discretion rarely seen in the entertainment industry.

Despite the constant scrutiny that public figures often face, Nasboi has skillfully navigated the delicate balance between maintaining a connection with his fans and safeguarding the privacy of his romantic life. The decision to keep his girlfriend’s identity off social media reflects his commitment to preserving a sense of intimacy in his relationships.

Net Worth

Nasboi is a famous and prominent Nigerian content creator with an estimated net worth of about US$500,00 – US$1 million.

Nasboi & Wande Coal – Umbrella Lyrics

10 seconds I do pass

Wetin be your compass

Fly you around the world

Maldives Santorini

Buy you fine versace

I love you’re my G

Even na ogbanje

I go still love you my Nwanne

Follow bumper to bumper

I go be your defender

When I lose my breath baby

Would you be my inhaler

So many things I don realize

When I’m with you I dey fantasize

Would you be my only lover

When I’m with you I’m alive oh

Me I no fine like baboon

But you still love me like this oh

Even if na taboo

You go still want be my boo

Ahhh Ahhh Ehh Eeee Aahhh Ehhh

Oh my Cinderella

Ti’ojo ba ro

I be your umbrella

Her love language na money

She likes different currency

Me I get am and I go dash you

I know say you need am pass me

I want fly you go Mexico

I want buy you yansh and things

I want do big things for you

I want do many things for you

Follow bumper to bumper

And I go be your defender

And when I want travel baby

Or we go go Barcelona

Shey na this wey my mama warn me about


Me I no fine like baboon

But you still love me like this oh

Even if na taboo

You go still want be my boo







Oh my Cinderella

Ti’ojo ba ro

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