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Jazz Ishmael Butler (born October 3,1995) is a professional American singer, songwriter, and rapper named Lil Tracy

He formerly goes by the name Yung Bruh.

He is best known for his collaboration with his late friend, Lil Peep, who was also a rapper.

Early Life

Tracy was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, in 1995 and has his birthday celebrated every October 3. Born into the family of Ishmael Butler and Cheryl Gambles, also known as Coko.

His father was a member of a band recognized as ‘Digable Planet and Shabazz Palace, while his Mother was a member of the SWV(Sisters With Voice). This led to Tracy having an opportunity to learn music from a younger age.

He listened a lot to emo music and Southern HipHop as he grew up and became inspired.

He claimed to be bipolar in high school and acted like a loner.

His parent separated while he was still a kid, and he was going to spend time with his dad, interchanging it. 


Tracy began making his own music at the age of 15. At 18, He decided to travel to Los Angeles to focus more on his career without informing his parent of his movement.

He had previously left home at the age of 17 and became homeless.

He began his career with his previously known stage name, Yung Bruh, before discovering there was another person with the Moniker in 2016 and decided to settle with Lil Tracy.

Tracy met with rapper Lil Peep in New York while pursuing and pushing his career, and they both collaborated on the song, White Tee, from Lil Peep’s mixtape tagged, Crybaby. This gave him an upper hand in the industry as he began garnering his fans.

Lil Peep & Lil Tracy

He released his single ‘Overdose.’ The single track became his hit during the period and further boosted his popularity in the industry.

Tracy is a famous artist on SoundCloud and has also dropped multiple mixtapes and Eps under the Thraxxhouse collective.

He also has a couple of songs with Lil Peep. They released a single together on a song titled, Awful Things from Lil Peeps‘ unreleased album, tagged “Come over when you’re sober.”

The single was listed on Billboard and earned the 79th spot on the chart.

Tracy’s first album was tagged Tracys Manga, released on February 2017, and his second album was released on November 13, 2020. He titled it, Designer Talk. 

On June 3,2022, Tracy released Saturn Child as his third studio work.



  • Anarchy (2019)
  • Saturn Child (2022)


  • XOXO (2017)
  • Life of a Popstar (2017)
  • Designer Talk 2 (2020)

Extended plays

  • Castles (with Lil Peep) (2016)
  • Castles II (with Lil Peep) (2017)
  • Fly Away (with Lil Raven) (2017)
  • Tracy’s Manga (2017)
  • Sinner (2018)
  • Designer Talk (2018)

Compilation albums

  • Tracy’s World (2018)

Personal Life

Tracy has endeavored to keep his personal life off social media.

We currently do not have any news of his siblings, nor can we confirm if he’s in any relationship.

Tracy is currently living in Los Angeles. He is identified with various tattoos on his body to his face and is a big fan of red-colored hair.

Social Media

Instagram @tracyminajj

Twitter @toreshivert

Net Worth 

Tracy’s net worth has been estimated to be approximately US$800,000 – US$1 million.

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