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Okwudili Okoli (born July 24 1990; Age: 33 years) is a talented Nigerian artist who has gained prominence in the music industry as a renowned singer, songwriter and producer with the moniker 6UFF or recognized also as 6uffzaddy. 

He is a versatile Nigerian artist renowned for his popular single, Luku Luku, which gained widespread acclaim and propelled him to the limelight.

Early Life

6UFF was born and raised in Anambra where he spent his formative years under the care of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Okoli. While details about his family remain relatively private at this time.

From the outset, 6UFF exhibited a deep-seated passion for music that took root in his early years. This fervour propelled him towards a journey of musical exploration, leading him to delve into music production at the remarkably young age of 17. Before venturing into the technical aspects of music creation, 6UFF had already showcased his musical prowess as a proficient instrumentalist, notably contributing to the rhythmic ambience of his church by skillfully playing the drums.

As he navigated the landscape of his formative years, 6UFF completed his foundational education in his hometown. After completing high school, 6UFF secured admission to Babcock University, where he pursued and successfully obtained a degree in computer science.


6UFF embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry, initially venturing as a producer at the remarkably young age of 17. As fate would have it, his trajectory eventually evolved, leading him to become a distinguished musician. The inception of his musical odyssey saw him sharing freestyles of his compositions on various social media platforms, effectively marking the commencement of his artistic expression.

The inspirational nexus in 6UFF’s musical evolution can be traced back to his admiration for Burnaboy, a luminary figure in the Nigerian entertainment sector. This admiration catalyzed a profound shift in 6UFF’s focus, compelling him to channel more time and dedication towards honing his musical ability, particularly gaining momentum after his university experience.

Wielding his artistic prowess, 6UFF has collaborated with notable figures in the Nigerian music industry, forging connections with luminaries such as Burnaboy and Peruzzi. The culmination of his creative endeavours materialized in the form of several released songs, including the notable EP “No Regrets,” which debuted in November 2023.

Adding another chapter to his growing musical repertoire, 6UFF recently unveiled the single “Badda Dan,” featuring Rezman’s lyrical prowess. This collaboration showcases 6UFF’s musical prowess and the seamless synergy between artists, with Rezman contributing compelling lyrics and verses that enhance the overall quality of the track.

With a distinctive lyrical flow and compositions that resonate with a wide audience, 6UFF has rapidly ascended the music industry ranks. His quick rise to prominence is attributed to the unique authenticity of his flows and the relatability embedded in his lyrics, marking him as a promising and noteworthy presence in the dynamic landscape of contemporary music.


  • Badda Dan
  • Yawa
  • V6
  • Luku Luku
  • AMG
  • Successful
  • Good Feeling
  • No Surrender

Personal Life

6UFF is a highly skilled and talented celeb with exceptional artistic abilities and an impressive physique that adds to his overall appeal. Despite his prominence, there is a conspicuous absence of information regarding his relationship status, prompting speculation and curiosity among his fan base.

Maintaining an enigmatic stance, 6UFF has purposefully chosen to shield the details of his romantic life from the public’s prying eyes. This deliberate decision underscores his commitment to privacy and emphasizes the importance of separating his personal affairs from his public persona.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @6uffzaddy

Net Worth

6UFF currently has an estimated net worth of about US$10,000 – US$20,000.

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