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Damilola Adegbite (born May 18, 1985; Age: 39 years) is a prominent Nigerian actress, model, and television personality renowned for showcasing her exceptional talent in the Nollywood film industry. She rose to prominence with her notable roles, particularly as Thelema Duke in the soap opera Tinsel and as Kemi Williams in the movie Flower Girl. Her contributions to the Nollywood scene have solidified her position as a respected figure in the Nigerian entertainment landscape.

Early Life

Damilola was born and raised in Surulere, Lagos, nurtured under her parents ‘ guardians. She was born into the family, although there are no specific details about her family. 

Occasionally, rumours suggest Damilola might be Kehinde Bankole’s twin sister. Despite their striking resemblance, there is no officially confirmed information regarding this speculation.

During her formative years, Damilola pursued her education at Queen’s College in Yaba, Lagos. Subsequently, she gained admission to Bowen University in Iwo, Osun State, where she delved into the study of business administration.


Damilola initiated her professional journey in the entertainment industry in 2006, marking her debut in the film “6 Hours to Christmas.” Her exceptional talent was immediately evident, earning her swift recognition within the industry.

However, it was in 2008 that Damilola truly rose to prominence, delivering a remarkable performance as Thelema Duke in the popular soap opera “Tinsel” and portraying Kemi Williams in the movie “Flower Girl.”

This surge in popularity catapulted her into the limelight, securing her top-tier roles and establishing her as a leading actress in the industry. 

Concurrently, from 2008 to 2010, she showcased her versatility as a red-carpet host and anchored programs for Sound City television.

Beyond her onscreen endeavours, Damilola is a multifaceted professional. She holds a Fitness, Health, and Life Coach certification, demonstrating a commitment to holistic well-being. She is also an accomplished author, having penned several books reflecting her diverse interests and insights.


  • 6 Hours To Christmas
  • Flower Girl
  • The Missing
  • Banana Island Ghost
  • Isoken
  • Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons
  • From Lagos with Love
  • Coming From Insanity
  • Heaven’s Hell
  • Merry Men 2: Another Mission
  • Crossroads Siwoku

Personal Life

Damilola was once married to the renowned actor Chris Attoh. Their relationship commenced in 2014, leading to the birth of their first child, Brian Attoh, in September of the same year. Opting for a private ceremony, the couple tied the knot in Accra, Ghana, in February 2015. Unfortunately, their union faced challenges, and they eventually parted ways in 2017, with the specific reasons for their separation remaining undisclosed.

In November 2023, Damilola was seen spending time with another well-known actor, Bola Ninalowo. Notably, Bola had recently gone through a divorce at that time. Despite the public sightings, there has yet to be an official confirmation regarding the nature of their relationship, leaving the status of their connection unverified by any credible sources.

Social Media

Net Worth

Actress Damilola is also a top Nigerian celebrity with an estimated net worth of about US$1 million.

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