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Michelle Chinwendu, Country Alozie (born on April 28, 1997) is a remarkable professional footballer who embodies American and Nigerian roots, popularly recognized as Michell Alozie. Her development as a talented forward takes place on the illustrious field of the Houston Dash of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), where she also fervently and enthusiastically represents the Nigeria women’s national team.

Early Life

Alozie was born and raised in Apple Valley, California, USA, by her Nigerian parents, Godwin Alozie and Chioma Alozie, who are initially from Imo State, Nigeria. Alozie’s connection to her Nigerian heritage, which she treasures, influenced her upbringing. She experienced a unique cultural intersection as a child growing up with parents from Imo State, which later served as a source of strength and inspiration.


Alozie attended Granite Hills High School in her hometown, where she started showcasing her athletic potential. She then furthered her pursuit and played football for the Yale Bulldogs while an undergraduate student at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Due to her determination and doggedness, she transferred as a graduate to the University of Tennessee to continue playing for the Tennessee Volunteers after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament that ended her senior season.


Embarking on her professional journey with tenacity and resilience, Michelle Chinwendu Alozie’s path to success is a testament to her unwavering dedication. In 2019, she took a leap by entering the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) College Draft, fueled by dreams of playing at the highest level. However, the outcome could have been better, as her name was not called during the draft.

Undeterred, Alozie’s determination led her to new horizons. In January 2020, she signed a contract with BIIK Kazygurt, the reigning champions of the Kazakhstani women’s football championship. For three months, she honed her skills and competed for the team, showcasing her prowess on an international stage. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the season, compelling her to return to her roots in California.

The turning point came in 2021 when Alozie’s journey brought her to the Houston Dash, and her aspirations aligned with destiny. A preseason trial contract with the Dash allowed her to reunite with her childhood friend, Ally Prisock, a Dash player. The familiarity extended beyond friendship as Twila Kilgore, a Dash assistant, had previously recognized Alozie’s potential when Kilgore was the head coach of the Pepperdine Waves. Alozie’s dedication paid off, as in August 2021, she secured an entire contract with the Dash, marking a significant milestone in her career.

This milestone marked a fresh chapter, allowing Alozie to prove herself professionally. The 2022 NWSL Playoffs saw her starting in her first postseason game, a testament to her growth and perseverance. The journey was punctuated by her participation in the NWSL, a realm that had once rejected her.

Building on her successes, Alozie’s commitment extended to international grounds. June 10, 2021, marked her senior national team debut for Nigeria, symbolizing her global aspirations. With Randy Waldrum, who managed the Dash, now guiding her on the national team, she embraced her role, even transitioning to a full-back position when required.

Alozie’s inclusion in Nigeria’s 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup roster highlighted her ascending trajectory. Her professional debut on July 21, 2023, showcased her skills on the world stage, contributing to Nigeria’s victories over Australia and a draw with Canada. The journey had its challenges, as seen in the loss to England on penalties, concluding their World Cup run.

Amidst the triumphs and setbacks, Alozie’s resilience shone through, even in the face of adversity. A notable incident during a match with England on August 7, 2023, where she was brutally fouled, became a focal point. The incident involving Lauren James gained widespread attention, a stark reminder of the intense dedication and challenges within professional sports.

Beyond her soccer pursuits, Alozie’s story deepens. A graduate of Yale University with a degree in molecular biology, she juggles her passion for football with a part-time role at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. As a technician for cancer research, she exemplifies her commitment to her medical career and love for the game.

Personal Life

Michelle Alozie currently 26 years of age has adeptly shielded her personal affairs from the unrelenting gaze of the media, maintaining a veil of privacy around her romantic entanglements. Her relational status leans toward the unattached side, indicating a current state of singularity and absence of marriage commitments.

Standing gracefully at a height of 1.68m, Michelle embodies an aesthetic that seamlessly resonates with the demands of her chosen profession. Her physical stature harmonizes beautifully with the needs of her role, presenting a picture of poise and suitability.

Born into the embrace of Godwin and Chioma Alozie, her lineage traces its roots back to the vivacious soils of Imo State, Nigeria. Michelle’s voyage through life intricately weaves the threads of her existence into a narrative that underlines her unwavering bond with her Nigerian heritage. Despite the substantial portion of her presence in the United States, her allegiance to Nigeria remains unwavering, forming an indelible cornerstone of her identity.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @aloziee
  • Twitter: @aloziee

Net Worth

Michelle Alozie has an estimated net worth of about US$1 million.

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