May 18, 2024

Madelene Wright (born September 18, 1998) is a renowned British model, athlete, and social media sensation. She is also recognized as a prominent content creator on OnlyFans, known professionally as Maddie Wright.

With her multifaceted talents and captivating personality, Maddie Wright has amassed a significant fanbase across various online platforms. Her engaging presence on social media has attracted a large following, further contributing to her widespread popularity.

Early Life

Madelene Wright, better known as Maddie Wright, currently 25 years of age, hails from a picturesque town in England, where she was born and raised by her parent, Mark Wright and Kelli Wright. Growing up in a nurturing and caring family, Maddie enjoyed a childhood filled with love and support. She shared her early years with her siblings: Patrick Wright, Meredith Wright, Hayden Wright, and Hudson Wright, forming a close-knit bond with each of them.

From an early age, it was evident that Maddie had a natural flair for sports. Football, in particular, was her true passion, and she displayed remarkable skills and talent on the field, leaving her family and friends in awe of her abilities. Her dedication to the sport led her to actively participate in her school’s female soccer team, where she excelled and became a key player and a source of inspiration for her teammates.

As Maddie progressed through her educational journey, she faced an important decision after graduating. Fueled by her unwavering love for soccer and encouraged by her family’s support, she made the bold choice to pursue a career in the sport she adored to further her soccer skill as a career after her graduation.


After completing her academic journey, Maddie wasted no time seizing the opportunities that lay ahead, eager to elevate her football career to new heights. Driven by determination, she actively sought out local football clubs, immersing herself in regional and national competitions. Scouts and coaches took notice of her exceptional skills on the field, recognizing the raw talent she possessed.

Her talent paved the way for invitations to esteemed youth academies affiliated with well-established football clubs. Embracing this crucial phase in her career, she joined one of the country’s most prestigious football academies, seeking to refine her technical abilities, tactical understanding, and physical attributes. 

As her football career progressed, Maddie occupied the forward position, where her goal-scoring prowess and remarkable style of play left spectators in awe. At Charlton Club and Millwall, she became a formidable force on the field, etching her name among the club’s most celebrated players.

Beyond her football endeavours, Maddie Wright ventured into social media, emerging as an influential Instagram celebrity. With her engaging content and authentic presence, she cultivated a devoted following that resonated with her captivating personality. Embracing the opportunity for greater connection, she also ventured into the world of OnlyFans, fostering a more personal relationship with her fans and further expanding her influence as a content creator.

Recognizing the power of her platform, Maddie collaborated with various brands, lending her authenticity and influence to successful partnerships and endorsements. Her ability to navigate the world of social media and collaborate seamlessly with brands showcased her adaptability and business acumen.

Personal Life

Maddie Wright, a figure of both athletic prowess and social media influence, has managed to maintain a discreet and private personal life, steering clear of the relentless glare of the limelight. Currently, no public information is available regarding her relationship status, whether it be regarding a boyfriend, husband, or children.

While she captivates audiences with her talents on the football field and engages her fans through her online presence, Maddie has chosen to keep the details of her relationships under wraps, respecting her desire for privacy and a balanced existence beyond the public eye.

Social Media

  • Instagram @Madelene_wright
  • Twitter @Maddiemadelene
  • Onlyfans @Madelenewright

Net Worth

Maddie Wright has an estimated net worth of about US$1 million – US$5 million.

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