May 24, 2024

Dallas Yocum (born 1980) is a famous and prominent American businesswoman and entrepreneur recognized popularly as the ex-wife of Mike LindellThe founder and CEO of My Pillow Inc. He is a famous businessman and also recognized as a conspiracy theorist.

Early Life

Dallas, who is currently 44 years of age, was born and raised in the United States, raised and nurtured by her parent. Dallas has, however, secured her family and early life from public attention. There is currently no info about her exact birthday, family and her education.


Dallas Yocum maintained a remarkably private and reserved lifestyle. Her public presence was limited to her association with her ex-husband’s prominence, which thrust her briefly into the limelight. However, after their divorce, she deliberately retreated from public view. It is rumoured that she held a position within her ex-husband’s company prior to their separation. Despite her former connection, Dallas has skillfully avoided media scrutiny and the public eye, staying out of the spotlight.

Personal Life

Dallas crossed paths with Mike Lindell, also known as Michael L. Jackson, in 2011. They became intensely in love and dated for two years before they decided to tie the knot in 2013.

Unfortunately, Their love tales met an unexpected turn after two weeks of their marriage. Dallas decided to leave Mike, filing for divorce.

According to the interview, Mike mentioned that she considered him boring and was no longer in love with him.

The two eventually signed their divorce after a month of their marriage. Mike also mentioned that they signed a Pre-Nup agreement, which made Dallas left the marriage without settlement money or anything.

Net Worth

Dallas has amassed an impressive estimated net worth of about US$1 – 2 million.

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