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Christopher Thomas Briney (born on March 24, 1998; Age: 26 years) is a popular and talented American actor and filmmaker who has garnered attention in the entertainment space for his role in the biographical film Dalíland and Conrad Fisher in the Amazon Prime Video series The Summer I Turned Pretty where he played the role of James Linton.

Early Life

Christopher Briney’s life centers around his Connecticut roots, where he was born and raised in Hartford. His parents, Michael Briney and Kelly Briney, who were both actively involved in the movie industry as actors and actresses, provided a loving environment that nurtured his passion for acting from a young age. Unfortunately, Christopher Briney lost his mom to cancer.

He was exposed to the magic of storytelling from a young age, cultivating a deep appreciation for the art of performance. He grew up alongside his sister, who shared their childhood moments.


Growing up, Christopher Thomas Briney found his passion for acting early on. He attended Waterbury Arts Magnet School, where his journey into the world of theatre began. Wanting to hone his skills even more, he participated in a transformative five-week intensive theatre program at Wesleyan University in 2015. This experience was a turning point for him, solidifying his love for acting and inspiring his future pursuits.

In 2016, he boldly moved to New York City and enrolled at Pace University, eager to further his education. Surrounded by the city’s vibrant artistic community, he immersed himself in a challenging curriculum, determined to refine his talents and find his place in the acting world.

Despite the demands of his studies, Briney stayed true to his down-to-earth nature. He took on a unique role outside school: working at Trader Joe’s on the Lower East Side. This job provided him with a steady income and kept him grounded, allowing him to stay connected with the diverse people that make up the fabric of New York City.

All his hard work and dedication paid off in 2020 when he proudly graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in acting. Armed with formal education and practical experience, Briney was ready to dive into the entertainment industry with newfound energy and determination.


Christopher Briney’s rise to fame was as surprising as it was amazing. In 2021, his talent caught the eye of director Mary Harron, leading to his role in the film “Dalíland.” This chance discovery opened doors, giving him a chance to shine in front of a larger audience.

Even as he filmed “Dalíland,” Briney impressed casting directors for another big project, “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” He auditioned even before “Dalíland” started, showing his determination. His skills were so captivating that he got a callback, proving his talent from a distance.

During the excitement of filming “Dalíland” in Liverpool, Briney didn’t slow down. He also auditioned for “The Summer I Turned Pretty” via Zoom, displaying his versatility. Balancing both projects showed his passion and skill, putting him in two different storytelling worlds simultaneously.

In 2023, Briney stood on stage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards with his co-stars from “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” Lola Tung and Gavin Casalegno. This moment showcased his growing fame, his bond with his castmates, and his place in the entertainment world.

Briney’s journey is marked at every turn by his love for acting and dedication to his work. Moving seamlessly between roles and projects, he continues to make a lasting impression on audiences and fellow actors, leaving a mark in the entertainment world.


  • Daliland
  • Mean Girls: The Musical
  • Under the Covers
  • Paix
  • Want This

Personal Life

Briney’s life took a romantic turn in 2021 when he found love with fellow actress Isabel Machado. Their relationship, which began that year, brought companionship and shared dreams, adding extra happiness to Briney’s life away from the spotlight.

Professionally, Briney’s path crossed with Isabel Machado’s on the set of “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” Briney and Isabel’s genuine friendship and teamwork enhanced their on-screen performances, showcasing a real connection beyond the scripted lines. This partnership made the show authentic and reflected the supportive relationships Briney values in his personal life.

Social Media

Net Worth

The talented American actor Christopher Briney is estimated to have a net worth of US$1.5 million.

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