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Folorunsho Ahmed Olajide (born on February 2, 2002), best recognized as Richson Gocrazy, is a talented and versatile young Nigerian hailing from Lagos state. His varied skill set includes expertise as a comedian, full-stack developer, and business consultant. Despite his young age, Folorunsho has already demonstrated impressive abilities across multiple fields, which speaks to his intelligence, ambition, and drive.

Early Life & Education

Richson is a talented Nigerian comedian who was born and raised in Lagos. He had the privilege of attending primary and secondary schools in the bustling city of Lagos, where he grew up with his parents. 

As a child, Richson was always the life of the party, and his sense of humor was apparent from an early age. He was well-known in high school as the class clown, and he could make anyone laugh with his hilarious jokes.

Growing up, Richson’s sense of humor continued to develop, and he became more skilled at making people laugh. He was always finding ways to cheer up his friends and family, and he quickly became the go-to person for anyone who needed a good laugh. Richson’s passion for comedy continued to grow, and he began performing stand-up comedy in his spare time.

In 2020, Richson made a bold move to take his comedy skills to the next level. He started creating short, funny comedy skits that he recorded and uploaded to his social media pages. 

Richson is currently studying at the University of Lagos. 


Richson is a versatile and talented young Nigerian with a multitude of skills. He launched his career in comedy in 2020, showcasing his humor at various events, including weddings, birthday parties, and private gatherings. He has collaborated with several up-and-coming Nigerian comedians in his skits, demonstrating his ability to work well with others in his field.

In 2021, Richson organized his successful comedy show, sponsored by notable figures such as Black Camaru and Badboi OML. This event helped him gain wider recognition and brought him into the spotlight, exposing him to a larger audience.

Aside from his comedic abilities, Richson is also an experienced developer. He has created numerous websites and blog sites and worked on projects like hotel reservation systems. He even built a ChatGpt and other impressive projects, showcasing his technical skills and innovation.

Personal Life

Richson is known for being quite reserved concerning his personal life, and there is currently no information about his family. 

Regarding his romantic life, he is currently single and fully committed to pursuing his career and education. He dedicates significant time and energy to achieving his goals and expanding his skill set, reflected in his impressive achievements as a comedian and developer. 

Social Media

Net Worth

Richson is a rising star in the entertainment industry, but his net worth has yet to be made public.

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