June 20, 2024

Edy Modica is a multi-talented artist based in Brooklyn, New York, known for her roles as an actor, director, and stand-up comedian. She finds her creative inspiration in the diverse and eccentric characters of New York City, often recording and transcribing public conversations to capture the raw authenticity of everyday life. With a background in comedy and acting, Modica’s breakthrough came with her 2021 short film, which is currently streaming on the NoBudge platform.

Early Life

Edy Modica, the accomplished actor, director, and stand-up comedian, was born and raised in Nyack, New York, where she spent her formative years. Unfortunately, limited information is available regarding her early life, family, educational background, and siblings. The details surrounding her upbringing, familial influences, and the specific factors that shaped her early experiences remain undisclosed. 


Edy Modica’s career is a testament to her versatile acting, directing, and comedy talents. She embarked on her creative journey with a keen interest in capturing the vibrant stories and characters surrounding her. Modica’s early influences were not traditional; instead, she drew inspiration from the unfiltered dialogues of everyday New Yorkers, recording and transcribing public conversations that played out in front of her.

After completing high school, Modica pursued her passion for acting by enrolling in a two-year program at Manhattan’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she honed her skills and laid the foundation for her future endeavours. Following her training, she dived headfirst into the bustling comedy scene of New York City, establishing herself as a dynamic and ever-present figure. Over 12 years, Modica became a fixture in the city’s comedy circuit, showcasing her comedic prowess and earning recognition for her standout performances.

Her breakthrough came with the release of a short film in 2021, showcasing her acting abilities and directorial debut. The film, currently streaming on the NoBudge platform, introduced audiences to the character of Nicole—a brilliantly portrayed, dirt-broke, and selfish individual with an insatiable craving for a Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatta. Modica’s ability to capture the essence of real-life “funny characters” and her fearless approach to storytelling garnered attention, setting the stage for her transition into narrative filmmaking.

Eager to explore the medium further, Modica is working on her feature debut, “Waiter Movie.” With partial funding from Brain Dead Studios, she has taken on the roles of writer, director, and lead actor in the film. Modica aims to bring a new and authentic perspective to the screen by collaborating with her trusted team, including co-director Ian Faria, producer/AD Sarah Wilson, and producer/DP Alex Bliss. In “Waiter Movie,” she steps into the shoes of a 60-year-old man navigating the challenges that arise when his brother unexpectedly sells their restaurant, showcasing her commitment to portraying diverse and unconventional characters.

Personal Life

Edy Modica has maintained a level of privacy regarding her personal relationships, and as of now, no information or details are available about her marital or relationship status.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @doodiehole

Net Worth

Edy Modica’s net worth will be available on this platform once it becomes accessible.

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