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Liu Bo (born in 1992)is a talented Chinese-American Actress best recognized as Poppy Liu. She is a multi-talented individual who is also an activist and a poet. She is popular for her performances in the TV shows “Sunnyside” and “Hacks.” 

Early Life & Education

Poppy Liu‘s upbringing was characterized by hard work and dedication. She was born in Xi’an, China. Her parents juggled multiple jobs and responsibilities to provide for their family. Despite the challenges, they managed to move to the US when Poppy was just a toddler. 

After ten years in the US, Poppy and her family returned to China when she was 14.

She was enrolled in an American school in Shanghai. There she discovered her love for the performing arts and began taking classes in Chinese dance, ballet, and theater, and found that she had a real talent for it. This passion for the arts and her deep sense of social justice and activism help shape her future career path.

Poppy Liu‘s voracious thirst for knowledge and passion for the arts led her to the prestigious Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, where she embarked on an extraordinary academic journey. Driven by her tireless commitment to exploring the complexities of gender and society, Poppy pursued a major in Women’s Studies, delving deep into critical feminist theory and activism.

Poppy’s parents’ dedication to education and hard work undoubtedly played a big role in shaping her drive and work ethic. She has become a unique and powerful voice in the entertainment industry, partly thanks to her experiences as a Chinese-American woman with a passion for social justice. Overall, Poppy Liu‘s early life was filled with challenges, but it was also a time of growth and discovery that helped shape the person she is today.


Upon completing her education, Liu founded Collective Sex, a production company aiming to decolonize storytelling and tackles taboos surrounding Sex and identity. 

In 2018, she premiered her short movie Names of Women’ in New York City. The movie was showcased at universities and reproductive rights groups throughout the United States. The film, which features an all-female crew and is based on a true story of abortion, was well-received by audiences.

In 2019, Liu landed a leading role in the NBC sitcom “Sunnyside,” which was later picked up by Hulu after the first four episodes. She has also made appearances on popular television shows such as “New Amsterdam,” “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “Better Call Saul.” Liu currently has recurring roles as a blackjack dealer to a wealthy comedian in the HBO Max sitcom “Hacks” (2021) and as performer Double Dutch in the Paramount+ sitcom “iCarly” (also 2021).


  • The Locksmith
  • Names of Women 
  • Empathy, Inc. 
  • Adulthood 
  • Crutch 
  • Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest
  • All the Streets Are Silent
  • How to Be a Time Master 

Personal Life

Poppy Liu, besides her work in the entertainment industry, also serves as a doula and provides free doula services to women and transgender people of color. Liu identifies as queer and non-binary and goes by both they/she pronouns.

In 2019, The Advocate recognized Liu as one of their “Champions of Pride.” Recently, in 2022, Liu revealed that they were expecting their first child and shared their experience of having an abortion in 2015. Liu emphasized the importance of reproductive justice and the need for people to access safe and affordable reproductive health care.

Social Media

Net Worth

Based on available information, it is believed that the estimated net worth amounts to approximately $300,000.

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