June 25, 2024

Luciane Buchanan (born on July 18, 1993) is an emerging and highly talented actress from New Zealand. With her exceptional acting prowess, she has garnered recognition for her compelling performances in several prominent Netflix thriller series, solidifying her position as a formidable presence in the dynamic world of cinema. 

Buchanan’s ability to captivate audiences with her nuanced portrayals has elevated her status as a rising star and contributed to the growing acclaim of the projects she’s been a part of.

Early Life

Luciane was born and raised in Auckland into a mixed background of Tongan and Scottish descent. Her mother, Geoff Buchanan, is a payroll manager at Lumino, The Dentists, and her father, Losi Buchanan, is a factory worker.

From an early age, Luciane exhibited a keen interest in acting, prompting her to enroll in classes during her formative years. Notably, she honed her craft at the Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC), where she studied under the guidance of renowned acting coach Miranda Harcourt. 

Luciane’s dedication to her passion for acting led her to pursue higher education, and in 2017, she proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Psychology from the University of Auckland.


In 2017, Luciane Buchanan embarked on her journey in acting, making a notable debut with the short film “A Woman’s Right to Success,” showcasing her exceptional skills. This marked the beginning of a promising career as she contributed to various short films and television series, gradually gaining recognition for her outstanding performances.

Her portfolio expanded with significant works such as the 2018 film “Stray,” the 2019 release “Views,” and the widely acclaimed 2023 movie “The Night Agent,” alongside Fola Evans and other actors. These projects showcased Luciane’s versatility and solidified her position as a distinguished actress in the industry. 


  • A woman’s right to success
  • Stray
  • Views
  • The Tank
  • The Night Agent

Personal Life

Luciane Buchanan’s romantic life has become a topic of significant interest among her fans, particularly since she took on the lead role in the Netflix action thriller, “The Night Agent.” Many admirers are curious about her marital status, speculating whether she is currently married. Additionally, rumors have been circulating suggesting a potential romantic connection between Luciane Buchanan and her co-star, Gabriel Basso.

Net Worth

Luciane is estimated to be worth around US$1 million owing to her successful career in the movie industry.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @lucianebuchanan
  • Twitter: @lucibuchanan93

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