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Alexandra Rachael Rabe (born June 5, 2012), professionally known as Lexi Rabe, is an American talented child actress born and brought up in Los Angeles, California.

She is famous for her role as Morgan Stark in the Avengers, starring as the daughter of Tony Stark.

She is also well-known as a social media personality.

Early Life

Lexi was born in Los Angeles, California and raised by her parent, her mother Jessica Rabe, who is a Producer, Director, and also an actress.

There are no details of her father disclosed to the public yet.

She grew up alongside her older siblings, her brother, Logan N Rabe and Elizabeth Hemmingsen, her older sister. Her siblings are also actively involved in the Entertainment industry. Her brother is an actor, while her sister is a model.

Lexi is still very young and possibly still in her early schooling stage, as there’s no information about her education yet.


Lexi began acting at seven and jumped on her first movie, The Avengers, which shot her into the limelight.

She played a minor role when she starred as the daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Pots in the Avengers series ‘End Game,’ taking up the Morgan Stark character.

She also featured in a new movie released in May 2019, titled ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters, directed by Michael Dougherty.

Lexi has also signed a deal with Green Room Management and the East Coast Talent Agency.

She is also a close pal with the main character of the Godzilla movie, Millie Bobby Brown.


  • Avengers 
  • Godzilla

Personal Life

The 10years young celeb grew up with her parent in Los Angeles, California and had her birthday celebrated every June 5.

Lexi is still very young and not expected to be in any relationship but rather to focus on her studies and career.

Details of her father are yet to be made known to the public. Her mother, Jessica Rabe, is an actress and acting coach.

Lexi posted a video of herself on her Instagram platform, handled by her parent, she said and asked her fans not to Bully her or her family. 

She also mentioned that she is just seven and sometimes acts out of stupid and messed up in public. Her mom also concluded that they feel pressure when talking to fans outside.

Social Media 

The young lad has an active Instagram account of over 600k followers currently being managed by her parent.

Net Worth

Lexi has an estimated net worth of US$1 million with a US$10,000 monthly income.

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