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Kimberley Frances Crossman (born May 24, 1990) is a multi-talented individual from New Zealand known professionally as Kimberley Crossman. She has made a mark for herself as an actress, writer, director, dancer, and presenter. She played the role of Sophie McKay on the popular New Zealand soap opera ‘Shortland Street.’ Besides her successful acting career, Kimberley is also recognized as a co-founder of Joyable, a notable venture.


  • Full Name: Kimberley Frances Crossman 
  • Name: Kimberley Crossman
  • Born:  May 24, 1990 ([calculate_years datestring=”05/24/1990″])
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles
  • Career: Actress • Dancer • Director
  • Net Worth: US$5 million

Early Life & Education

Kimberley Crossman‘s talents were evident from her tender age, with her passion for dancing emerging as early as her early years of three. This passion was nurtured and fully supported by her mother, Jill Arkley, who was a ballet dancer. Growing up in an environment that celebrated the arts, Kimberley’s early exposure to dance played a significant role in shaping her creative journey.

In 2006, Kimberley achieved a notable milestone in her academic life by becoming the head girl at Diocesan School for Girls, located in Epsom, Auckland. This achievement showcased her leadership abilities and highlighted her dedication to her studies and involvement in school activities.

As the head girl, Kimberley was entrusted with various responsibilities and tasks, such as representing the school, leading student initiatives, and fostering a positive learning environment. This role allowed her to further develop her interpersonal and organizational skills, which prove invaluable in her future endeavors.

Kimberley’s time at Diocesan School for Girls provided her with a well-rounded education and a supportive community that encouraged her artistic pursuits. Her academic achievements and unwavering dedication to dancing laid a solid foundation for her future as a versatile performer and artist.


The journey of Kimberley Crossman took a significant turn in 2006 when she had the opportunity to dance at the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s season of Giselle. This experience allowed her to showcase her dancing talent on a prestigious stage, further fueling her passion for the performing arts.

In addition to her accomplishments in dance, Kimberley’s talent and dedication led her to become the Total Cheerleading Senior Elite team captain. In 2005, she achieved a remarkable feat by securing the 6th position in the world cheerleading championships, a testament to her skill and commitment to the sport.

In 2008, Kimberley embarked on a ten-week program called ‘Dziah 2 Dream’ led by Dziah. This program provided her valuable opportunities for growth and development as an artist. Later that same year, she toured the United States with the Total Cheerleading Senior Elite team, competing in championships against teams from America, Australia, and New Zealand. This rigorous competition required her to dedicate herself to training throughout the year. Notably, her team emerged victorious, clinching the Down Under Spirit championship on the Gold Coast.

In 2010, Kimberley’s moved to Los Angeles, where she hosted a half-hour special for New Zealand audiences about the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. This opportunity allowed her to showcase her presenting skills and connect with a wider audience.

In 2012, Kimberley had the chance to demonstrate her versatility as she participated as a fill-in-host on a New Zealand radio station, Classic Hit. Additionally, she co-hosted the Auckland breakfast show alongside Jason Reeves and Justin Brown. This experience expanded her horizons into radio broadcasting, showcasing her ability to adapt to different media platforms.


  • Beyond Belief
  • Deathgasm
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Snuff
  • Fantasy Life
  • The 60-yard line
  • The New Wife
  • Get You Back
  • Strangers in a Strange Land
  • Together Forever Tea
  • M3gan

Personal Life

Kimberley Crossman, renowned for her exceptional talents in the entertainment industry, values her privacy. While maintaining a discreet personal life, she is reportedly in a romantic relationship with a cinematographer, Tom Walsh. Their social media platforms occasionally feature pictures that portray their affection and love for each other. 

With a height of 5’6″ (167 cm) and weighing 62 kg (137 lbs), Kimberley maintains a well-proportioned physique that complements her active lifestyle. 

Social Media

  • Instagram @kimcrossman 
  • Twitter @kimcrossman 
  • Facebook @kimcrossman24 

Net Worth

Kimberley Crossman is estimated to have a total net worth of US$5 million.

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