June 20, 2024

Captain On Fire – Vol 1 EP is a self-titled AfroVibes Rhythmic sound extracted from the AfroBeats Genre, consisting of 5 mind-blowing melodious songs that every African person can relate to.

Captain On Fire – Vol 1 EP is more than just a musical journey—it’s an immersive expression of good vibes and uplifting emotions. The carefully composed melodies are crafted to resonate with the soul of every African listener, creating a powerful connection through the universal language of music.

As my debut project, Vol 1 is just the beginning, offering a sneak peek into the musical journey that awaits in Vol 2. Brace yourself for Vol 2, a musical rollercoaster set to elevate your experience to new heights after the soulful embrace of Vol 1. It’s a promise to leave you mesmerized.

Plug in your quality sound system or slide on your favorite headset to savor the full brilliance of Captain On Fire. Get ready to be taken on a musical adventure that goes beyond mere entertainment—it’s a celebration of culture and emotion.

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