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Oluwatobiloba Ayomide Amusan (Born April 23, 1996) is a prominent Nigerian track and field athlete specializing in the sprint hurdles, specifically the 100-meter hurdles. She is well-recognized as Tobi Amusan. She gained international recognition for her athletic prowess and has competed in various competitions representing Nigeria.

Early Life

Tobi Amusan was born and raised in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria, where she spent her formative years. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amusan, both dedicated educators, instilled within her a strong foundation of values and determination. This nurturing environment would set the stage for Tobi’s exceptional journey as an athlete.

Fondly referred to as Tobi, she is the youngest among her two siblings, carving her unique path in a family marked by support and encouragement. Her formative years were infused with the aspirations of a young girl who harbored dreams of achieving greatness in the world of sports.

Ijebu Ode, the backdrop of her childhood, became the canvas upon which Tobi painted her early athletic endeavors. It was here that she took her first steps towards becoming the remarkable track and field athlete she is today. With determination in her heart and the unwavering guidance of her parents, Tobi’s journey from this serene Nigerian town to the world stage began to take shape.


Tobi’s educational voyage commenced at Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School in her hometown, where the early seeds of her athletic prowess likely began to sprout. As she traversed these formative years, her affinity for sports started to take root and flourish, particularly track and field.

The progression of Tobi Amusan’s educational journey reached a pivotal juncture in May 2023. She achieved a significant milestone during this time by attaining a Master of Arts degree in Leadership Studies and Sports Management from the esteemed University of Texas at El Paso. This accomplishment underscored her commitment to her academic and athletic pursuits and demonstrated her resolute dedication to personal advancement and growth.


Tobi Amusan has etched her name as a remarkable champion since the inception of her career. Her path is adorned with an array of extraordinary accomplishments and records illuminating her incredible talent and unwavering commitment to the realm of track and field.

Even in her early days, Amusan’s potential was palpable, as evidenced by her securing the silver medal in the 200 meters at the 2013 African Youth Championships and the 100-meter hurdles silver at the African Youth Games. These initial successes served as the bedrock upon which her future achievements were built.

In 2016, while representing the University of Texas at El Paso, Amusan garnered the title C-USA Female Track Athlete of the Year. This accolade underscored her exceptional prowess on the track. She made history by breaking the elusive 13-second barrier in hurdles, recording a remarkable time of 12.83 seconds at the El Paso UTEP Invitational.

The subsequent year, in 2017, Amusan continued to assert her dominance by setting a UTEP record and a then-lifetime best with an impressive time of 12.63 seconds in the 100-meter hurdles. Her exceptional speed and technique propelled her to clinch the C-USA championship in her specialized event, alongside securing the runner-up position in the 200 meters. Additionally, she proudly represented Nigeria at the Rio Olympic Games, advancing to the semifinals of the 100-meter hurdles.

As her journey unfolded, Amusan’s unwavering determination led her to represent Nigeria at the World Championships in London in 2017. Her unwavering dedication persisted in 2018, as evidenced by her best of 7.89 seconds in the 60-meter hurdles—a feat she showcased at the Birmingham World Indoor Championships.

A pivotal moment crystallized in 2018 during the Gold Coast, Australia, Commonwealth Games. With exceptional prowess, Amusan surged ahead of her competitors, emerging as the unequivocal victor of the race with a commanding lead.

The year 2019 bore witness to Amusan’s unwavering consistency as she defended her African Games title. Her feat was punctuated by a personal best of 12.48 seconds during the 100-meter hurdles qualifying rounds.

The year 2021 etched a historic marker in Amusan’s journey as she ascended as the first Nigerian Diamond League champion. Her achievements reverberated on the global stage with a fourth-place finish at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and establishing a new African record of 12.42 seconds at the Zürich Diamond League final event.

The year 2022 testified to Amusan’s continued dominance, marked by her successful defense of the 100-meter hurdles title at the World Championships in Eugene. Her exceptional feat was crowned with a second consecutive gold medal and a new Games record of 12.30 seconds. Further adding to her accolades, she propelled the Nigerian women’s 4 × 100 meters relay team to a gold medal.

Navigating the challenges and triumphs of 2023, including a temporary suspension that was later lifted, Amusan’s tenacity remained unyielding. Her journey culminated at the 2023 World Championships in Budapest, where she exhibited her competitive spirit by securing a commendable sixth place in the final on August 24.


  • 2015 African Junior Championships (1st Position)
  • 2015 African Games (1st Position)
  • 2017 Commonwealth Games (1st Position)
  • 2018 African championships (1st Position)
  • 2019 African Games (1st Position)
  • 2021 African Championships (1st Position)
  • 2022 World Championships (1st Position)
  • 2022 Commonwealth Games (1st Position)

Awards & Nomination

  • 2022 Confederation of African Athletics Female Athlete of the Year

Personal Life

Tobi Amusan’s narrative is a testament to her unyielding self-confidence and steadfast faith in the belief that all things are achievable through the grace of God. From the confines of her hometown, Ijebu Ode, she has journeyed from obscurity to prominence within the realm of athletics, emerging as a notable figure adorned with recognition and reverence.

Her path, Though paved with notable achievements, her path hasn’t been devoid of challenges. Moments like her fourth-place finishes at the 2019 World Championships in Doha and the Tokyo Olympics 2020 could have been disheartening. However, Amusan displayed a remarkable resilience that characterized her spirit. Undeterred, she bounced back with an unwavering determination that propelled her to victory in the 2021 Diamond League. Draped in the Nigerian flag, she triumphantly exclaimed, “I did it,” as the crescendo to her season.

Her journey over seven years is a testament to her remarkable progression. She managed to trim an astonishing 1.77 seconds from her personal best times, a testament to her dedication and hard work. This noteworthy evolution culminated in her securing the title of Nigeria’s first-ever world champion and record-breaker.

While Tobi Amusan’s athletic triumphs have garnered global acclaim, her personal life reveals that she remains unmarried, as per available information. Nonetheless, her achievements on the track have earned her international admiration and made her a revered figure, particularly among Nigerian men who hold her in high regard for her prowess and achievements in the athletic arena.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @ihurdle_33.0inches
  • Facebook: Tobi Amusan

Net Worth

Tobi Amusan is a successful Nigerian athlete with an estimated net worth of around US$1.5 million. 

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