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Draymond Green (born March 4, 1990; Age: 34 years) in Saginaw, Michigan, is a prominent professional basketball player in the NBA. He gained stardom during his college years at Michigan State University, where he played under the guidance of coach Tom Izzo. His exceptional skills and leadership abilities were evident as he led the Spartans to the 2010 NCAA Division I Final Four.

In a noteworthy incident during the game between the Warriors and Timberwolves on November 14, 2023, Draymond Green found himself at the center of attention. The game took an unexpected turn when a brawl erupted between the two teams, and in the midst of the chaos, Green was ejected for reportedly putting Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. 

Early Life

Draymond Green was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, and grew up with a supportive family that encouraged his passion for the sport. Draymond’s mother, Mary Babers, played a big part in helping him develop his athletic skills. There are not much details about his father.

While we don’t know much about his siblings, He is known to have two brothers, Torrian Harris and Braylon Green, and three sisters, LaToya Babers, Jordan Davis, and Gabby Davis. Harris played basketball for Nebraska-Omaha from 2009 to 2011

Draymond attended Saginaw High School, where he quickly became known for his skills on the basketball court. His success in high school laid the groundwork for his future achievements in the game.

After graduating, Draymond continued his education and basketball journey at Michigan State University under the coaching of Tom Izzo. He improved his basketball abilities and became a key player for the Michigan State Spartans. His college career included leading the Spartans to the 2010 NCAA Division I Final Four, showcasing his talent on a larger stage.

While at Michigan State, Draymond demonstrated his basketball skills and leadership qualities. His ability to contribute on offense and defense and his basketball IQ hinted at his future success in professional basketball.

In 2012, Draymond Green entered the NBA Draft and was picked by the Golden State Warriors in the second round (35th overall). This marked the beginning of his professional career, where he became a vital player for the Warriors, leaving a lasting impact on the NBA.


Draymond Green’s professional basketball journey has been remarkable. After being drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the second round (35th overall) of the 2012 NBA Draft, he quickly established himself as a crucial player for the team.

Known for his versatility, tenacious defense, and basketball IQ, Draymond became a cornerstone of the Warriors’ success during their dominant years. His ability to guard multiple positions and contribute to various game aspects made him invaluable. The Warriors went on to win NBA championships in the 2014-2015, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 seasons, with Green playing a pivotal role in these victories.

Throughout his career, Draymond Green earned recognition for his exceptional defensive skills, earning multiple All-Star selections and being named to the NBA All-Defensive Team multiple times. His influence extended beyond individual accolades; he was key to the Warriors’ cohesive and winning team culture.

Amid his defensive prowess, Green showcased his offensive abilities as well. His playmaking skills, particularly his passing, were instrumental in the Warriors’ ball movement and success on the offensive end.

Despite facing challenges and criticisms, Draymond’s leadership has been consistently praised on and off the court. His intensity, competitiveness, and ability to motivate his teammates have solidified his role as one of the emotional leaders of the Warriors.

Personal Life

Draymond is a proud father of a son born during his previous relationship with Jelissa Hardy. While the specifics of this relationship are kept relatively private.

In 2018, Draymond was romantically linked with actress Hazel Renee. Hazel already had a child from a previous relationship. The couple’s relationship deepened over time, and in 2019, they publicly announced their engagement, symbolizing their commitment to a shared future. 

Their engagement paved the way for another joyous occasion in 2020, as Draymond and Hazel welcomed a daughter, further expanding their family and adding joy to their lives.

Taking the next step in their journey, Draymond Green and Hazel Renee celebrated their love and commitment with a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple exchanged vows on August 14, 2022, against the stunning backdrop of Malibu, creating lasting memories on their special day.

Social Media

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Net Worth

Draymond Green’s financial success in basketball and various endorsements contribute to an estimated net worth of approximately US$80 million.

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