July 18, 2024

Alisha Lehmann (born in January 1999) is a Swiss professional football player. She plays as a forward for Aston Villa in the English FA Women’s Super League and the Switzerland national team. Before joining Aston Villa, she played for West Ham United and BSC YB Frauen. 

Early Life 

Alisha Lehmann was born in Targertschi, Switzerland, and grew up in a loving family. She is of white ethnicity and developed a passion for soccer at age five. 

Alisha’s inspiration came from her older brother and two cousins, who were also sports-related. She often joined them in playing soccer during their free time, and her love for the game quickly grew. Alisha’s parents noticed her talent and encouraged her to pursue soccer seriously.

 They enrolled her in a local club where she could train and play regularly, and Alisha’s skills continued to develop. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Alisha never lost her love for soccer and remained dedicated to becoming a professional player.


Alisha debuted for the Swiss national team in 2017 and has been a regular squad member ever since. In October 2017, Alisha Lehmann won her first cup with BSC YB Frauen in Switzerland, demonstrating her potential as a professional footballer. In March 2018, she scored her first international goal for Switzerland in the 2018 Cyprus Women’s Cup, further solidifying her skills as a player.

During her time with West Ham, Alisha played a key role in helping the team reach the 2018-19 Women’s FA Cup final and competed in the 2019-20 UEFA Women’s Champions League. Her experience playing at both domestic and international levels has contributed to her success as a talented and accomplished footballer.

Alisha’s passion for the camera and striking looks have also opened doors for her in modeling. She has been hired by prominent brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Frisotrading.

 Personal Life

The 24 years player has been open about her sexuality and has acknowledged being bisexual after previously identifying as a lesbian. 

She was previously romantically involved with her Swiss national teammate, Ramona Bachmann. As of 2022, Alisha is currently in a relationship with Douglas Luiz, a midfielder for Aston Villa.

Social Media

 Net Worth

Alisha‘s net worth is approximately US$52 million, with an estimated annual salary of US$6.1 million in 2021.

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