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Sheila Courage David (born June 4, 2001; Age: [age]20010604[/age] years) is a beautiful model, sound writer, relationship coach, and TV presenter who gained widespread recognition as the esteemed spouse of Israel DMW. Beyond her role as a celebrity wife, she is also distinguished as the daughter of a prominent pastor. Her presence in the public eye has recently intensified, capturing the attention of media and fans alike.

The limelight has once again embraced Sheila as she finds herself at the center of a notable feud within her marriage to Israel DMW. This unexpected turn of events has sparked curiosity and speculation, drawing interest from those keen on the intricacies of celebrity relationships.

Early Life

Sheila was born and raised in Benin City, Edo State, into a Christian family of Mr and Mrs David.

Her father is recognized as a pastor of their church branch, Winner’s Chapel, while her mother is known as a deaconess in the church.

She graduated from Benson Idahoda University and finished her degree in 2017. However, not much info about her family or education is available yet.


Sheila Courage David is known for her role as a celebrity spouse and pastor’s daughter and has also carved a niche for herself in the world of modeling and fashion. Her prowess in these domains earned her recognition, and in 2019, she achieved a significant milestone by winning the coveted title of “Face of Edo” at a prestigious beauty pageant.

Beyond the runway, Sheila extends her influence in beauty and skincare as a prominent brand influencer. She has seamlessly aligned herself with the reputable skincare firm Zikel Cosmetics, where she serves as a distinguished ambassador. Through her association with the brand, Sheila contributes to promoting and endorsing skincare products, showcasing her passion for beauty and commitment to maintaining high standards in the industry. 

Personal Life

Sheila Courage David’s journey with Israel DMW, affectionately known as Juju and a dedicated friend and fan of Davido, began in the unique setting of their shared church and a chance encounter during an evangelical mission. Their connection deepened as they exchanged contacts, leading to months of companionship. The romantic trajectory reached a significant milestone when Israel proposed to Sheila during a memorable dinner date at the Protea Hotel in Benin City.

Eager to formalize their commitment, Israel wasted no time in making preparations for their union. On June 4, he initiated a private visit to Sheila’s family, conducting a discreet introduction culminating in a grand traditional marriage ceremony on October 20, 2022. The extravagant event was attended by the entire 30BG team, underlining the couple’s prominence within their social and professional circles.

However, the seemingly blissful union took an unexpected turn on November 25, 2023, when the couple decided to publicly address the challenges they were facing in their marriage. Both Sheila and Israel took to their respective social media platforms to share their perspectives on the issues plaguing their relationship, revealing a series of ups and downs that had led them to the difficult decision of separation.

In his public statement, Israel accused Sheila of attempting to discredit him and tarnish his reputation in the eyes of his boss, portraying him as a subservient figure. He also highlighted Sheila’s alleged lack of submission and implicated her mother in exacerbating the situation. Sheila, in turn, vehemently refuted these claims, presenting her side of the story to counter the narrative put forth by her estranged husband.

As the online community became embroiled in the controversy, fans expressed surprise and concern about the unraveling of a seemingly strong union. Despite efforts to clarify their positions, the couple appears to be heading towards a formal divorce, with the signing of the papers imminent. The once-prominent pair, who once celebrated their love publicly, now faces the challenge of going their separate ways, leaving behind a chapter marked by joyous celebrations and unexpected turmoil.

Social Media

Net Worth

Sheila is estimated to be currently about US$10,000.

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