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Natalia Germanou (born 22 June 1965; Age: 58 years) is a prominent Greek figure known for her multifaceted career as a lyricist, producer, TV host, and journalist. Her acclaim primarily stems from her exceptional songwriting skills. She has garnered widespread recognition for crafting compelling song lyrics for renowned Greek artists, including but not limited to Despina Vandi, Anna Vissi, Mihalis Hatzigiannis, and others.

Her contributions to the Greek music scene have solidified her reputation as a talented and popular songwriter. Natalia Germanou’s lyrical prowess has left an indelible mark on the industry, and her collaborations with celebrated artists have contributed significantly to the success of numerous musical compositions. 

Early Life

Natalia was born and raised in Athens, where she grew up under her parent’s care. Her father, Freddy Germanos, was a professional Journalist and Author, while her mother is Erietta Mavroudi.

During her educational journey, Natalia attended Mina Aidonopoulou school in Athens. Upon completing her studies, she expressed her passion for acting and desire to pursue a career. However, her father, who preferred journalism, encouraged her to explore that avenue instead.

Adhering to her father’s advice, Natalia enrolled in a professional journalism school in Athens, later securing admission to the University of Florida in Orlando. However, before moving to Florida, she received a job offer from Ena, a magazine company with Giorgos Koskotas as the CEO and managed by Pavlos Bakogiannis.

Opting to gain practical experience in the field, Natalia decided to forgo her university admission and accepted the job offer, choosing to stay in Athens. This decision allowed her to accumulate valuable experience in journalism, laying the foundation for her future endeavors in the media industry.


Natalia embarked on her professional journey within the magazine industry, where she demonstrated her prowess as a journalist before making a notable transition to radio hosting.

In October 1988, Natalia co-founded the radio show “Club Sandwich” alongside Prokopis Doukas, which gained popularity on SKY 100.4. In 1990, she joined Ant1 Channel, simultaneously relocating her radio show to the station. Alongside her radio duties, she initiated a musical spinoff, maintaining the same title and further expanding her influence in radio entertainment.

Parallelly, Natalia delved into songwriting in 1990, composing lyrics for various artists. Swift recognition of her talent ensued, leading to collaborations with some of Greece’s foremost musical talents.

Over the subsequent four years, Natalia seamlessly transitioned from “Club Sandwich” to the reimagined “Blue Jean,” a daily radio spectacle on “Athina 9.84.” In this role, she captivated audiences and assumed the responsibilities of a radio producer, showcasing her versatility.

Simultaneously, Natalia made her mark in television, hosting the musical show “Mega Star” on Mega Channel for an impressive decade, solidifying her position as a multifaceted media personality.

In 1997, Natalia Germanou took on pivotal roles at the radio station “Sfera 102.2,” assuming responsibilities as the programming director and radio producer. This strategic move showcased her expertise as an on-air talent, steering the creative direction of programming and overseeing radio production. 

Personal Life

Natalia was once married to Petros Imvrios, with their union reportedly taking place in October 1998. However, their journey together took a different turn, leading to their separation and eventual divorce in 2002. The reasons for their parting ways were kept private, and the details surrounding their divorce have remained undisclosed.

Social Media

Net Worth

Natalia Germanou’s financial standing is estimated to be within the range of US$5 million to US$10 million.

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