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Sandra Okagbue (born December 1, 1985) Is a prominent Nigerian model, Entrepreneur, and Ex-Beauty Queen who captivated audiences with her striking beauty, confident presence, and remarkable talent. From her model career to notable achievements in the fashion world, Sandra Okagbue has established herself as a prominent figure in Nigeria’s fashion and modeling industry. 

She is also famously known as the daughter of the late Monarch of Onitsha, Obi Ofala Okagbue, and the baby mama of a popular Nigerian musician, Flavour.

Early Life

Sandra Okagbue, 31 years of age, was born and raised in Anambra State, Nigeria, into the royal family of the former Monarch of Onitsha Kingdom, the late Obi Ofala Okagbue.

She is the eldest of six children, raised and nurtured by their parents.

Her siblings, including Bella Okagbue, Christabel Okagbue, Jane Okagbue, and the twins, Christian Okagbue & Christopher Okagbue.

Her brother, Christopher, is also a popular figure in the entertainment industry known as an actor and has also won various awards, including “Gulder Ultimate Search, Season 8.”

With her striking beauty and naturally gorgeous body, Sandra has tended to have a passion for modeling from a younger age. She began attending auditions and beauty competitions until she got her breakout in 2010.


Sandra‘s Modeling career took a turn in 2010 after she participated in a beauty contest in Delta organized by Orange D.r.u.g.s. Limited, “Miss Delta Soap Pageant,” where she emerged as the contest winner.

Sandra quickly gained stardom as she became the brand Ambassador for Orange D.r.u.g.s. Limited and Passion Energy Drink.

With her radiant smile, captivating presence, and ability to effortlessly bring outfits to life, she quickly became a sought-after model for various fashion campaigns, runway shows, and editorial shoots. Sandra’s versatility as a model allowed her to excel in different genres, from high fashion to commercial and print modeling.

In addition to her successful modeling career, Sandra also embarked on an acting journey when she landed a role in a movie titled “Lotanna, along with her brother, Christopher, who played the lead role. This allowed her to immerse herself in acting and explore her acting talents.

Personal Life

Sandra is known to have been in a high-profile relationship. She was previously in a romantic relationship with a Nigerian Super Eagle, Mikel Obi, a former Chelsea midfielder. The duo dated for about three years.

 In 2013, the media platforms, including The News magazine and websites, published articles concerning their marriage plan but unfortunately, The marriage did not eventually work out due to Reiner’s reasons not being known to the public.

In 2014, she reportedly dated a Nigerian Music star, Flavour Nabania.

Despite the rumors and controversies, the two have remained together and are blessed with two beautiful girls, Munachi Gabrielle Okoli, and Kaima Okoli.

Flavour mostly calls her first daughter Ugebe, translated as “My Mirror.”

She was previously involved in a public dispute over the Nigerian artist Flavor with Anna Banner, another former Beauty Queen. Anna Banner, who happens to be Flavour’s former partner and the mother of their child, Sofia Okoli, was at the center of the controversy. The disagreement between the two women garnered significant attention and sparked discussions among fans and the media about their relationships with Flavour and the dynamics involved.

Munachi & Kaima

Social Media

  • Instagram @sandra uche okagbue
  • Twitter @sandra okagbue

Net Worth

Sandra has earned herself a substantial spot in the entertainment industry and has become a sought-after celebrity in the fashion world. She has an estimated net worth of about US$5 Million.

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