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Jose Stemkens (born December 29, 1987) is a notable and influential personality within the fashion industry. Her journey has been characterized by a remarkable evolution from a successful modeling career to a thriving vocation as a fashion consultant and entrepreneur.

Stemkens has earned accolades and respect for her contributions to the fashion industry. Her modeling career showcased her stunning physical attributes and her ability to embody and enhance diverse fashion concepts. Her presence in the fashion scene has been marked by versatility and a keen understanding of style trends.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Stemkens gained public recognition as the former wife of the renowned American actor Titus Welliver. 

Facts & Wiki

  • Full Name: Josepha Theordora Stemkens
  • Other Name: Jose Stemkens
  • Birth Date: December 29, 1987
  • Age: [age]19871229[/age] years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 5 ft 6 
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Net Worth: US$2 – US$5 million

Early Life

Jose Stemkens was born in Thembisa, Gauteng, South Africa, but was raised in Netherlands, where she spent her formative years. Unfortunately, details about her family background and educational journey remain undisclosed.

Her educational path led her to Bouwens van der Boijecollege, though specific information regarding her field of study has not been made public. Despite the limited information available, it is evident that Jose has navigated diverse cultural and educational landscapes, contributing to the enigma surrounding her early life and academic pursuits.


Jose Stemkens has sculpted a noteworthy career in the fashion industry. Her journey commenced with a thriving venture into modeling, where she quickly gained prominence for her striking features, versatility, and ability to adapt to various fashion genres seamlessly. As a model, she graced runways and featured in campaigns, laying the foundation for a multifaceted and successful career.

Building on her early success, Stemkens transitioned into the intricate domain of fashion retail and consulting. This move reflected her adaptability and deep-seated understanding of the industry beyond the runway. Stemkens immersed herself in the intricacies of fashion commerce, working collaboratively with several well-known brands.

Stemkens established her fashion consulting company, “Sunrise Fashion Consulting,” based in Los Angeles in 2014. This entrepreneurial venture marked a significant milestone in her career, showcasing her creative vision and business acumen.

Personal Life

In April 2014, Jose Stemkens and the renowned American actor Titus Welliver celebrated their engagement and exchanged vows at the scenic Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, California. The joyous occasion marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Prior to his union with Jose, Titus had experienced marriage before, blessed with two sons named Eamonn and Quinn, along with a daughter named Cora from his previous relationship.

However, the once-happy journey took an unexpected turn in April 2019 when the couple decided to separate legally. The reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, maintaining privacy around the details of their parting ways.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @josestemkens

Net Worth

Jose Stemkens has an estimated net worth of about US$2 – US$5 million.

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