June 19, 2024

Antonella Pane ( born April 11, 1996) is a renowned Argentinian model and a prominent social media personality widely recognized by her popular moniker, Anto Pane. Her meteoric rise to fame can be attributed to her captivating content, particularly on Instagram, where her page has become a hub for aesthetically pleasing and alluring images.

Antonella Pane has curated a significant following as a celebrated figure in modeling, capturing the admiration of fans and enthusiasts alike. Her Instagram presence serves as a visual showcase of her unique style, poise, and charisma, earning her widespread attention and acclaim in fashion and social media.

Facts & Wiki

  • Full Name: Antonela Pane
  • NickName: Anto Pane
  • Birthday: April 11, 1996
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Occupation: Model and Instagram Star
  • Hometown: Buenos Aires
  • Country: Argentina
  • Parent: Mr & Mrs Pane
  • Height: 5 ft 6
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Net Worth: US$5 million
  • Facebook: facebook.com/antonela-pane
  • YouTube: youtube.com/user/antonela-pane
  • TikTok: tiktok.com/@antonela-pane
  • Instagrampaneantonelaokk

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