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Lisa and Lena Mantler (born 17 June 2002) are German identical twin sisters who gained prominence from their short videos on social media, especially on TikTok and other social media platforms in 2015.

Early Life

Lisa and Lena Mantler were born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany. Their loving parents, Viktor Mantler and Lilli Mantler, adopted them while they were just six months old. Growing up in a supportive and nurturing environment, Lisa and Lena were fortunate to have two older siblings, Tim Mantler and Tayra Mantler, who were also part of their close-knit family.

Lisa and Lena naturally had a natural affinity for creativity and self-expression from an early age. They developed a passion for entertaining others and began exploring various artistic avenues. Their parents recognized their talents and encouraged them to pursue their interests.

As they navigated their childhood and teenage years, Lisa and Lena discovered the power of social media as a platform for sharing their creativity. They started posting videos and pictures online, showcasing their unique style and infectious energy. Their content quickly gained attention, and their popularity soared as more and more people became captivated by their engaging performances.

Lisa and Lena remained grounded and focused on their education despite their growing online presence. They prioritized their studies and successfully balanced their schoolwork with their burgeoning careers as social media influencers.


Lisa and Lena’s careers took off after amassing a substantial following on TikTok. They capitalized on their popularity to explore various ventures. One notable accomplishment was the launch of their own fashion and clothing line, which they promoted through their influential Instagram account. Their unique sense of style and fashion-forward approach resonated with their dedicated fanbase.

The twins also ventured into the modeling industry, securing opportunities to work with renowned brands like Puma and Coca-Cola. Their charisma and photogenic presence made them sought-after brand ambassadors, allowing them to collaborate with major companies and expand their reach beyond social media.

In addition to their success as influencers and models, Lisa and Lena ventured into the television industry. They were invited to host and appear on popular German shows such as “The Voice Kids” and “Germany’s Next Top Model.” Their engaging personalities and relatability made them fan favorites, solidifying their presence in the entertainment realm.

Recognized for their significant contributions, Lisa and Lena garnered accolades for their social media prowess and entertainment work. Notably, they were honored with the prestigious “Golden Camera” award in Germany, a testament to their impact and influence on the digital landscape.

Lisa and Lena signed up with an American talent agency in 2017, expanding their horizons further and enabling them to explore opportunities in the international entertainment industry. They made their foray into music by releasing their debut single titled “Not My Fault” in July 2017, showcasing their versatility as artists.

Continuing to evolve and collaborate on new projects, Lisa and Lena have solidified their positions as prominent social media influencers and entertainers. Their dedication to their craft and ability to connect with their audience has propelled them to great heights in their careers, and they remain highly influential figures in the digital and entertainment spheres.

Awards & Nominations

  • Bambi Awards
  • Golden Camera Awards
  • Bravo Otto Awards

Social Media

  • Instagram @lisaandlena
  • Twitter @lisaandlena
  • Facebook@lisaandlena
  • TikTok @Lisaandlena

Personal Life

Lisa and Lena have kept their private lives relatively low-key, and not much information about their relationships is publicly available. However, in January 2022, the twins announced on their Instagram account that Lisa was engaged.

It’s worth noting that Lisa and Lena experienced a shift in their relationship with TikTok at one point. Following a series of scandals related to child safety and other concerns, they decided to take a step back from the platform. In response, they deleted their TikTok page on 31 March 2019. This move demonstrated their commitment to prioritizing their well-being and being mindful of the issues surrounding the platform.

Net Worth

The twins’ estimated net worth is around US$5 million.

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