June 20, 2024


Elege Oritsemeyiwa Catherine (born June 2) is a prominent figure in Nigeria, widely recognized under her professional moniker, Empress Judas, and affectionately dubbed the Queen of Ashawo. Through her compelling Instagram videos, she has gained immense popularity by candidly addressing various aspects of her Ashawo business, earning both praise and controversy alike.

Beyond her captivating online presence, Empress Judas possesses a multifaceted talent as a skilled bead maker. Leveraging her platform, she deftly advertises and promotes her bead-making enterprise, showcasing intricate designs and fostering a community of admirers and customers alike.

Early Life

Empress Judas was born and raised in Asaba, Nigeria, and it’s where she manages her businesses. Despite her home base, her profession requires frequent travel, taking her to various places for work-related purposes.

Regarding her background, there’s little information available about her early life, family, or education. Her focus seems to be more on her present endeavors rather than sharing details about her past. This air of mystery surrounding her origins only adds to the intrigue of her persona.


Empress Judas is notably outspoken about her profession, which involves engaging in prostitution, commonly known as “Ashawo” in Nigeria. Through her active presence on Instagram, she has garnered a significant following by sharing videos where she discusses various challenges and topics relevant to the Ashawo community, sparking both attention and controversy.

In addition to her involvement in the Ashawo business, Empress Judas showcases her talent as a skilled bead maker. Utilizing her platform, she advertises her beadwork and actively promotes her creations to her audience. 

Personal Life

Empress isn’t currently in a committed relationship, but she’s a mother to a daughter whose details remain undisclosed. She’s transparent about her profession and doesn’t pretend about her lifestyle. She proudly declares her decade-long tenure in the Ashawo business.

Although she resides in Asaba, Empress frequently travels due to the demands of her clientele. Her dedication to her work takes her to various places, ensuring she meets her customers’ needs.

Social Media

Net Worth

Empress Judas’s net worth remains undisclosed at this time. However, we will provide updates once they become available.

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