June 20, 2024

Kim Carton (born in 1975) is a widely recognized American entertainment personality and adept social networker. She first gained prominence in the public eye due to her association as the ex-wife of Craig Carton, the host of a renowned sports show. Her presence in the entertainment and social spheres has contributed to her standing, separate from her former marriage.

 Early Life and Education 

Kim was born and raised in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania. Kim, currently 49 years old, maintains her ethnic identity as Caucasian and continues to provide observational coverage for privacy but not social media. Kim is notably discreet about her personal life on social media platforms, maintaining deliberate privacy.

In contrast to her husband Craig’s appearance in the HBO documentary “Wild Card: In “The Fall of a Radio Peste,” Kim takes a distinct approach by safeguarding her private life from intrusive eyes. Despite the documentary shedding light on Craig’s professional and personal challenges, Kim opts for a more reserved stance, choosing not to participate. She staunchly defends the privacy of both herself and their children, refraining from disclosing personal details to public outlets.


Kim Carton, a visionary entrepreneur in the clothing industry, carved her niche as a distinguished businesswoman by establishing “The Valley.” The name pays homage to her hometown, Huntington, for its recognition and serves as a symbolic gesture of her roots.

Her venture into the clothing business took shape through a collaboration with entrepreneur Jackie Brookstein. The inspiration behind their business model was drawn from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a catastrophic event that struck New Jersey in 2012. Together, they envisioned and brought to life a unique concept—a tribe named “New York,” an exclusive enclave within “The Valley” specializing in daily casual clothing.

The business proved to be a resounding success, attracting fashion enthusiasts and restaurateurs who appreciated the synergy of shopping and dining. The well-thought-out merger offered customers a shopping experience and a culinary indulgence, creating a seamless blend that resonated with the clientele.

Kim and Jackie demonstrated keen business acumen, recognizing the mutually beneficial aspects of their collaboration. Incorporating refreshment options after shopping strategically catered to customers’ needs, eliminating the need for a separate endeavor to provide such services. 

Personal Life 

Kim was previously married to the renowned host, Craig Carton, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. During their union, the couple welcomed four children into their family – three sons named Lucky, Anthony, and Sonny Carton, and a daughter named Mickey Carton.

Regrettably, in 2019, their marital journey took a challenging turn. Following Craig’s incarceration, Kim made the difficult decision to file for divorce in court, leading the couple to go their separate ways.

Net Worth 

Kim Carton, the American internet celebrity and model, boasts an estimated net worth of US$4 million. Her prominence in the online sphere has contributed to her widespread recognition, establishing her as a notable figure in internet celebrity and modeling.

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