June 20, 2024

Dharmie Richie, born Sodiq Oluwadamilola, was a well-known Nigerian socialite famed for his extravagant and opulent lifestyle. He gained significant recognition for his displays of wealth, which included living in a lavish mansion, driving exotic cars, and sharing glimpses of his luxurious life on social media. Dharmie was often seen mingling with other high-profile individuals, including the socialite Hushpuppi.

Unfortunately, Dharmie’s life took a tragic turn. In 2020, it was reported that he suffered substantial financial losses in all his business ventures. This downturn purportedly led him into a deep depression, culminating in his untimely death. Initial reports suggested that he ended his own life due to the overwhelming stress and despair caused by his financial ruin.

However, the circumstances surrounding Dharmie’s death were soon clouded with controversy. His family vehemently disputed the suicide claims, alleging foul play. They accused Dharmie’s mother of being involved in his death, pointing to suspicious details such as a swollen head and black blood oozing from his ears and nose, indicative of a possible assault. These signs, they argued, were strikingly similar to those observed when Dharmie’s father died, raising further suspicions.

Adding to the controversy, the family revealed that Dharmie’s properties had been inexplicably willed to his mother. They suggested that this was not a mere coincidence but a potential motive. As they pursued justice and sought answers about Dharmie’s death, they noted that his mother was already enjoying the wealth he left behind.

The allegations and ensuing scandal sparked widespread outrage among Dharmie’s fans and followers, leading to a significant uproar on social media. The case remains shrouded in mystery, with many questions about the true nature of Dharmie Richie’s death still unanswered.

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