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Ariel Rebecca Martin (born November 20, 2002) is widely recognized as Baby Ariel, a highly popular social media personality. She has captivated a vast audience with her exceptional talents as a singer, actress, and social media influencer. Baby Ariel rose to prominence through her captivating TikTok music videos, showcasing her creativity and charisma.

Early Life 

Baby Ariel was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, on November 22, 2000. She grew up in a family deeply involved in social media and content creation. Her father, Jose Martin, is a prominent YouTuber from Panama known for his engaging videos and vlogs. Her mother, Sharon Kremen Martin, is a TikToker of Jewish descent who has garnered a significant following for her entertaining and relatable content.

Rebecca has always been surrounded by the world of social media and the internet from a young age. Inspired by her family’s involvement in content creation, she developed a passion for creating videos and entertaining others. Alongside her brother, King Jacob Martin, she often collaborated on various social media platforms, showcasing their creativity and chemistry.

Growing up, Baby Ariel attended Pine View High School in Florida. However, due to the demands of her burgeoning career and the challenges of balancing her studies and social media commitments, she made the decision to transition to homeschooling. This allowed her to have a more flexible schedule and devote more time to developing her online presence.

In addition to her educational pursuits, Baby Ariel pursued higher education at the University of Florida. While continuing her studies, she continued to expand her reach and influence on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Through her charismatic personality, creative content, and relatable approach, Baby Ariel has amassed a massive following, making her one of her generation’s most recognizable and influential social media personalities.


Baby Ariel’s career took off in 2015 when she channelled her time and energy into creating content on (which later became TikTok). Within a few months, she launched the ARIEL MOVEMENT, a bullying campaign that received recognition for its impact, including a commendation from Blackpool.

Known for her dedication to combating cyber and internet manipulation, Baby Ariel became involved in the HACK_HARRASEMENT movement, an initiative by People’s Magazine. Her efforts to raise awareness and fight against online harassment earned her respect and admiration from her fans and the industry.

In 2016, Baby Ariel’s influence caught the attention of Billboard Magazine, leading to her and fellow influencer Jacob Sartorius being featured on the cover. Her rise to fame continued as she appeared on major shows such as 60 MINUTES and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Her impact as a social media influencer was acknowledged by reputable publications like FORBES, PEOPLE, and USA TODAY.

Taking her career to the next level, Baby Ariel signed with Creative Artist Agency in September 2016. This move opened doors for her to explore her talents beyond social media. In December 2017, she released her first single, “AWW,” followed by “PERF” in January 2018. She continued to release music, including the single “SAY IT” featuring Daniel Skye in March 2018.

Expanding her reach even further, Baby Ariel ventured into the world of gaming, collaborating with EA Games and appearing as a SIM in THE SIMS 4. In November 2018, she released the single “GET FAMOUS,” aligning with her growing success and aspirations.

Her talent and versatility extended beyond social media and music. Baby Ariel showcased her acting abilities in various projects. In late 2018, she was featured in the Brat mini-series BABY DOLL Records. Shortly after, she starred in the popular Nickelodeon film BIXLER HIGH PRIVATE EYE and later took on the role of WYNTER in a Disney Channel film.

Personal Life 

Baby Ariel’s romantic life began with her relationship with Milo Murphy, a fellow TikTok influencer. One of her YouTube videos highlighted their relationship, “BOYFRIEND TAG,” where they shared their experiences and answered questions about their relationship.

Over the years, from 2015 to 2018, Baby Ariel was involved in romantic relationships with several other individuals within the social media and entertainment industry. She had relationships with Zach ClaytonBlake Gray, Jacob Sartorius, and Daniel Skye during this period. These relationships garnered attention from their fans and followers, adding an element of intrigue to Baby Ariel’s personal life.


  • We Own the Night
  • Perf
  • One for All
  • Flesh & Bone
  • I Heart You
  • Aww
  • The New Kid in Town
  • Gucci on My Body


  • Henry Danger
  • Bixler High Private Eye
  • The iMom

Social Media 


Baby Ariel is widely recognized as a highly successful social media personality and multi-talented artist. Her accomplishments and popularity have contributed to her financial success, with estimates suggesting that her net worth is around US$6 million.

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