April 23, 2024

Davita Lamai (Born March 6, 1997) has emerged as a notable figure in the public eye. She is primarily recognized as the mother of the celebrated Nigerian singer and rapper Zlatan Ibile.

Widely acknowledged as the prominent ‘babymama’ of the music sensation, Davita Lamai has garnered attention not only for her association with the acclaimed artist but also for her striking beauty, undeniable charisma, and active presence on social media platforms. 

Her captivating presence and association with Zlatan Ibile have further elevated her profile, making her a subject of interest among fans and followers of the Nigerian music scene.

Facts & Wiki

  • Name: Davita Lamai
  • Birthday: March 6, 1997
  • Age: 27
  • Parent: N/A
  • Son: Shiloh Toluwalase
  • Boyfriend: Zlatan Ibile
  • Net Worth: US$1 million.

Early Life

Davita is known to reside in the United Kingdom, where she spent her formative years with her family and completed her primary education. She later pursued higher education at the University of Kent in the UK, graduating from there.

Despite her growing fame, Davita has maintained a discreet lifestyle, refraining from publicly sharing details about her family or personal life. This privacy has added to the intrigue surrounding her persona, leaving fans curious about the aspects of her life beyond her association with Zlatan Ibile.


Davita has kept her profession under wraps, intriguing her followers with speculation. However, judging from her captivating social media presence, many have speculated that she could be involved in modeling. Her striking beauty and appealing physique showcased in her posts often lead to assumptions about a potential modeling career. 

Personal Life

Davita Lamai is romantically involved with Nigerian superstar Zlatan Ibile. However, they haven’t publicly announced their marriage, and the pair shares a son named Shiloh Toluwalase, born on March 29, 2020.

Davita and Zlatan often share glimpses of their son on their social media platforms, showcasing their bond as parents.

On March 6, 2024, Davita’s birthday, she was lavished with luxurious gifts from her partner, Zlatan. Among these gifts were a 2021 Mercedes Benz and a Rolex watch, alongside other extravagant presents, highlighting Zlatan’s affection and appreciation for Davita on her special day.

Social Media

Net Worth

DavitaLamai possesses an estimated net worth of approximately US$1 million.

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