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Mike Agbolade Adeniyi Ishola Adenuga (born June 21, 1984) is a Nigerian businessman, writer, and speaker born in London to a billionaire and business mogul, Mike Adenuga. He is known professionally as Paddy Adenuga. He developed a keen interest in sharing his knowledge and experience and has spoken worldwide at various events and conferences. Paddy founded Pegasus Capital Investments Limited, a private investment company focusing on African businesses. He made headlines in 2016 for attempting to acquire a telecoms company in Norway for $300 million.

Early Life & Education

Paddy Adenuga, a renowned figure in Nigeria’s business world, was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria, and is currently 39 years of age. 

Paddy attended Corona Primary School in Victoria Island, Lagos, before moving to King’s College Secondary School in the same city. 

At 10, he was sent to the United States to attend the Marine Military Academy (MMA) in Harlingen, Texas, where he spent three years before enrolling at The Tenney School in Houston, Texas.

Paddy‘s remarkable academic achievements began at a young age. He graduated from high school at 13, completing his secondary education in just three years. He then enrolled in the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where he studied Business Administration at 13. Despite being one of the youngest students in the campus, he excelled in his studies and graduated from Northeastern University in 2002, at 18, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Paddy‘s dedication and hard work are evident in his academic accomplishments, which have undoubtedly contributed to his success in the business world.


Paddy Adenuga is a prominent Nigerian businessman who has achieved remarkable success in both the business world and the creative arts. He began working for his family’s conglomerate, the Mike Adenuga Group, where he served as Group Executive Director of the telecom division and upstream exploration and production company. However, in 2006, he left the company to start his oil brokering firm, Cayne & Cayne, in London.

After several years in the private sector, Paddy returned to his father’s business in 2009 as co-CEO of GLO and Conoil Producing. In this new position, he was instrumental in expanding the company’s cell site coverage across Nigeria, Ghana, and the Benin Republic and implementing new technologies to improve customer experience and service delivery. In 2011, he led Conoil Producing’s successful bid for Shell Nigeria’s OML 30 oil block, establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian business world.

In addition to his business accomplishments, Paddy is also a talented screenwriter. He began writing screenplays at 15 and has since completed five, including his latest work, “Waterloo.” Paddy‘s ability to excel in both business and the creative arts is a testament to his hard work, talent, and determination. He serves as an inspiration to young people around the world who aspire to achieve great things in multiple fields.

Personal Life

Paddy Adenuga‘s personal life has been the subject of much public interest. He was first engaged in 2010 to the daughter of a former Oyo State governor, but unfortunately, the relationship ended before they could tie the knot.

In 2017, Paddy announced on social media that he had proposed to his longtime girlfriend, but the engagement was called off shortly after that. The reasons for the break-up remain unknown, but Paddy has been candid about his struggles to find love.

Despite his wealth and success, Paddy has stated that he finds it difficult to find the right person to share his life with. He has spoken openly about his challenges in the dating world, including the pressures of being a public figure and the difficulty of finding someone who shares his values and interests.

Despite his struggles, Paddy remains optimistic about finding love and has stated that he is willing to wait for the right person. He has also expressed a desire to start a family someday and has said he looks forward to being a father.

In addition to his romantic pursuits, Paddy is also an avid traveler and philanthropist. He has donated millions of naira to support various causes, including education and healthcare initiatives in Nigeria. He is also known for his love of art and culture and has been involved in several initiatives to promote Nigerian culture and heritage.

Social Media

Net Worth

Paddy is a highly successful and wealthy business executive with an estimated net worth of US$4.7 million. He worked hard to achieve his success.

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