June 20, 2024

Gabrielle Braut Haaland (born January 9, 1998; Age: 26 years) is a striking Instagram personality and a dedicated healthcare assistant known popularly as Gabrielle Haaland. She has earned widespread acclaim, particularly as the elder sister of the renowned football sensation Erling Haaland, presently making waves as a key player for the Manchester City Club.

Early Life 

Gabrielle was born and raised in Norway under her parents, who were also famous on the field. Her father, Alf-Inge Haaland, popularly known as Haaland, was a professional football player who played for Manchester City. Meanwhile, her mother, Gry Marita Braut, achieved accolades as an accomplished athlete, excelling in the heptathlon and earning the title of Norwegian Champion. Despite their subsequent divorce and the formation of other families, Gabrielle’s early years were shaped by the influence of her sports-oriented upbringing.

Growing up, Gabrielle shared her childhood with two brothers, Astor Haaland and Erling Haaland. The latter, Erling, has notably made a name for himself as a famous and prominent footballer. Additionally, from her father’s second marriage to Anita Stromsvol, Gabrielle has two half-sisters who add to the diversity of her familial connections.

Expanding the sporting thread further, Gabrielle is connected to two cousins, Stromsgodst and Molde, both actively involved in football.


Despite the relatively limited information available about Gabrielle’s professional journey, records indicate that in 2014, she worked as a nurse and a care assistant in Norway, demonstrating her commitment to healthcare. Beyond her professional endeavors, Gabrielle has carved out a prominent presence in social media, where she captivates her audience with glimpses into her life.

On her platform, Gabrielle generously shares moments from her own life and offers a heartfelt portrayal of her close-knit family. Her captivating posts feature endearing snapshots of her loved ones, creating a warm and inviting space for her fans.

Personal Life

Gabrielle is happily married to the esteemed Norwegian footballer Jan Gunner Eide, a union that commenced in 2020. Their journey into parenthood unfolded with the joyous arrival of their first child in 2021, a momentous event that marked the inception of their family.

Building upon their love and happiness, the couple’s familial bliss expanded further with the birth of their second child, a precious baby girl, in April 2023. This newest addition brought additional joy, laughter, and shared experiences to their household.

Social Media

Net Worth

Gabrille’s net worth is approximately US$2 million.

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