April 21, 2024

Asad Tuck Khaled (born October 23, 2016) emerges as the eldest offspring of the iconic DJ Khaled, a luminary within the American music landscape. Ascending to fame as a celebrity child, Asad has left an indelible mark with appearances on various television programs, gracing prestigious red carpets, and making notable appearances in his father’s music videos.

Early Life

Asad was born in California into a well-established family of Khaled Mohammed Khaled, a famous and prominent music icon in the United States known professionally as DJ Khaled. His mother, affectionately referred to as Nicole Tuck, distinguishes herself as a proficient entrepreneur.

As the eldest child and first son of the renowned music maestro, Asad shares his upbringing with his younger brother, Aalam. Currently immersed in their studies, the siblings are enrolled in one of California’s premier educational institutions, laying the foundation for their future endeavors.


Asad has rapidly ascended into the limelight, propelled by his father’s influence. Quickly becoming a prominent figure, he has garnered widespread popularity.

His journey began with his father’s creation of an Instagram account shortly after his birth, where captivating snapshots of his life were shared, preserving cherished moments for their millions of followers.

Asad’s allure extends beyond social media, as he has made notable appearances on various TV shows and has graced the screens in his father’s music videos. Additionally, he has gracefully navigated the glamorous world of red carpets, leaving a lasting impression wherever he goes.

Personal Life

Asad¬†stands out as one of the globe’s most celebrated youngsters, largely owing to the considerable influence of his father. Currently 7, specifics about his life remain relatively scarce. Currently focused on his academic pursuits, he traverses the realms of education alongside his younger brother,¬†Aalam, gradually unfolding the chapters of their young lives.

Social Media

Net Worth

The young star has accumulated an estimated net worth of about, US$500,000 – US$1 million.

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