May 19, 2024

Darryl Baum (born August 20, 1965; Age: 58 years) gained widespread recognition as an iconic American figure, primarily known for his role as the bodyguard of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. Baum’s life became intertwined with the world of celebrities, making headlines due to a highly publicized incident involving the renowned American rapper 50 Cent.

Early Life

Darryl was born and raised in New York City, where he spent his formative years with his parent. He completed his elementary school and graduated in Brooklyn.

Growing up, He had always wanted to become a businessman and was very much supported by his parent. Although, there is not much information known about his parent.

Darryl was also a close friend of Mike Tyson, and the two were very close and sometimes spent the night at each other’s house. The two were in prison in the 1990s, and after their release, Mike promised to find him a job. Tyson fulfilled that promise by adding him to his security team. He was Tyson’s right-hand man. 

Controversial Life

Baum’s dream of becoming a businessman was shattered after he began associating himself with some bad gangs and began doing drugs. He soon began handling guns and was termed a killer. He was reportedly involved in the highly publicized incident involving the renowned American rapper 50 Cent. On May 24, 2000, 50 Cent was heading to his grandmother’s Queens house after being attacked and shot nine times.

He spent the next 13 days in the hospital receiving treatment, taking about five months before returning to work. According to various interviews with 50 Cent, he identified his attacker as Darryl Hommo Baum after he got better.

Three weeks after the incident, Baum was also murdered; he was shot dead. Although, His killer was identified as Damion Hardy, who was the ex-boyfriend of Lil Kim. He was arrested and executed after being found guilty of killing Baum and six others.

Baum’s death resulted from a grudge against another gang member, which led to a bloody fight. He was shot in the back of his head and died due to too much bleeding.

Facts & Wiki

  • Name: Darryl Hommo Baum
  • Profession: Being a bodyguard of Mike Tyson
  • Date of birth: August 20, 1965
  • Age: 58
  • Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Unknown
  • Net Worth: Unknown

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