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Coleen Mary Rooney( born April 3, 1986) is a well-recognized English personality. She is a writer, fashion icon, Tv personality, and philanthropist. Coleen is popularly distinguished as the wife of a famous and celebrated English Player, Wayne Rooney

Early Life

Coleen was born and raised in Merseyside, Liverpool. She was born into a family of four by Tony McLoughlin and Colette McLoughlin, and she is the eldest of four children.

She lost her sister, Rosie, who had Rett syndrome and died at 14 on January 5, 2013.

Coleen‘s Dad, Tony McLoughlin, was a bricklayer who also ran a boxing club to support his family and sponsor his children’s Education.


Coleen was enrolled in a Catholic Secondary School, John Bosch Arts College.

She was a bright and brilliant girl in the class and was entrusted as the deputy’s head in the school. She completed her studies with 10 GCSEs.


Coleen is a TV personality. She worked with Sir Trevor McDonald on his show, ‘ Tonight with Trevor McDonald‘ in 2006, talking about a Genetic disorder, Rett Syndrome.

In 2007, Coleen published her autobiography and tagged it, ‘Welcome to my World.’

Coleen has worked with several brands, including Vogue and Marie Clair. She has stood as a replacement for some models and some top brands.

Personal Life

Coleen is presently married to a former famous English footballer, Wayne Rooney.

Coleen met Rooney when she was 12, became friends, and began dating when she was 16 and out of college.

Coleen and Wyne dated for over six years and eventually decided to tie the knot in 2008. The wedding took place in picturesque Italian Rivera’s Villa Durazzo, a 17th-century palace in the resort of Santa Margherita Ligure.

The couples have four children together and of which are boys.

Kai Wayne (born November 2, 2009) is the eldest of the children. Kai has chosen his father’s kind of career and is slowly taking and beginning from the legacy that his father laid.

Klay Anthony ( born May 21, 2013)is the second of four kids. 

Kit Joseph (born January 24, 2016) is the couple’s third child.

Cass Mac Rooney (February 15, 2018)is the family’s last child.

Social Media 

Net worth

Coleen Rooney has a net worth estimated to be around US$19 million.

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