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Yasmin Williams (born May 31, 1997; Age: 26 years) is a highly accomplished American composer and fingerstyle guitarist from northern Virginia. Her remarkable talents have propelled her into the spotlight within the music industry. One of her distinctive features is her innovative approach to playing multiple instruments on her lap, a technique that sets her apart.

Yasmine showcases her musical prowess by seamlessly incorporating various instruments into her performances, including the kalimba, harp, and guitar. Her unique style is her unconventional orientation of the instruments, with the strings facing upward. This distinctive technique highlights her technical skill and contributes to the rich and diverse soundscape she creates.

Early Life

Yasmin Williams was born in Woodbridge, Virginia, in 1996. Yasmin Williams displayed an inherent passion for music from a young age. Immersed in a world of melodies that emanated from her parents’ instruments and the surrounding environment, she developed a profound connection to sound. This early exposure to the musical realm laid the groundwork for her journey into the world of music.

At 13, Yasmin Williams seized the guitar, marking the initiation of her musical odyssey. This early introduction to the instrument became pivotal in her life, setting the stage for future explorations and innovations in fingerstyle guitar playing. 

The guitar quickly became a conduit for her creative expression, and it was through this instrument that she began to weave together her unique musical identity. Yasmin’s early fascination with the guitar showcased her innate talent and foreshadowed the remarkable contributions she would make to the world of music in the years to come.


Yasmin Williams focused on music during her time at James Madison University. She followed her love for the guitar and composing music, putting a lot of effort into getting better at them and creating her unique way of playing. While there, she dived into the technical and creative sides of music, which was a big turning point for her.

James Madison University allowed her to explore various aspects of music, helping her improve her skills. It was like a stepping stone where she could fine-tune her musical abilities. Her education there was super important in shaping how she sees art and gave her the tools she needed for her future in music.


Yasmin Williams‘ awesome music journey started with an unexpected spark: the video game Guitar Hero 2. Intrigued by the guitar-focused gameplay, she started a musical adventure that would completely change how people see guitar playing.

Using her creative skills, Yasmin took a fresh approach to the guitar. She turned the strings to make beautiful tones and played the guitar in a cool way, putting it on her lap like a piano. Her technique involved tricky finger-picking that brought out lots of harmonies from the strings. Instead of sticking to the usual, she added rhythm to her wordless tunes, making them more intricate and interesting.

Pitchfork noticed Yasmin’s music was unlike anything else, pointing out her creative quirks, like wearing tap shoes during performances and using a cello bow on her guitar. These unique tricks made her stand out among solo guitarists, a true trendsetter in her field.

Rolling Stone agreed, calling Yasmin’s compositions “textured, harmonious soundscapes.” Her music wasn’t just tunes but a sonic adventure that took listeners to emotional and imaginative places.

In 2020, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown and the Black Lives Matter protests, Yasmin Williams took on her second studio album, “Urban Driftwood.” 

The album wasn’t just a showcase of her artistic strength; it also mirrored the times, filled with the energy and emotions of a changing world. The influence of the Black Lives Matter movement during that summer added another layer of depth and purpose to her music.


  • Unwind
  • Urban Driftwood
  • I Wonder
  • Take That Step
  • Dragonfly
  • Nova to be

Personal Life

Yasmin is a bundle of talent, and her love for exploring new musical horizons led her to create a one-of-a-kind guitar-playing style. She tweaked the strings to make beautiful sounds and took a piano-like approach by setting the guitar on her lap. With delicate finger-picking, she opened up a world of harmonies and melodies that went beyond the usual way of playing guitar.

But Yasmin’s uniqueness isn’t just in her music – it’s in her everyday life. She’s all about pushing limits and embracing the unexpected. Whether rocking tap shoes during a performance or using a cello bow on her guitar, she’s determined to express herself genuinely and without holding back.

Yasmin’s music is like a window into her life and feelings, and you can see this, especially in her second studio album, “Urban Driftwood.” Created during the COVID-19 lockdown and inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests, the album shows Yasmin’s skill in turning real-world events into deep and meaningful music.

Currently, there isn’t any public information regarding Yasmin’s family or romantic relationships.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @guitar_yaz
  • Twitter: @guitar_yaz

Net Worth

Yasmine has an estimated net worth of about US$2 million.

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